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Making Your Novel Audiobook Friendly by Bill Ricardi
Posted by Bill Ricardi in , .

Recently I was asked why my debut trilogy was picked up for audiobook publication so quickly. The standard answers apply of course: Luck, advertising, making a good impression on first...

Formal Publishing v Self-Publishing by Moire O’Sullivan
Posted by Moire O'Sullivan in , .

There is something prestigious about having your book formally published. Signing a publishing contract can feel profoundly satisfying. To some, the self-publishing alternative can seem like abject failure, an option...

Self-Publishing: Getting Over ‘The Fear’ by Catherine Ryan Howard
Posted by Catherine Ryan Howard in , , .

These days, I feel the same way about self-publishing as I do about social media: I was there at the beginning and at one point I really knew my stuff,...

Audiobooks for Authors: A Beginner’s Guide by Eamon Ambrose
Posted by Eamon Ambrose in , .

There was a time when releasing an audiobook, even for published authors was a ridiculously complicated and expensive task only the most successful of authors could dream of. However, with...

Knights Of: New Children’s Publisher Offers Diverse Opportunities for Writers

Aimée Felone and David Stevens, former Scholastic colleagues, have co-founded new children’s publisher, KNIGHTS OF. Publishing commercial fiction for 5 – 15 year olds, KNIGHTS OF intends to focus on...

Getting the Max from Wattpad by Shane O’Neill
Posted by Shane O'Neill in , .

Wattpad was created in 2006 and is an online giant free community of amateur and professional authors across the world, giving an equal voice to writers of every level and...

Data Analysis and Publishing by Ali Albazaz
Posted by Ali Albazaz in , .

The publishing industry is an ever-evolving organism. Authors and readers alike are a vital part of this industry and are constantly changing the trends within it. Literary agents, editors, and...

More Handy Publishing Terms: Glossary by Silverwood Books
Posted by Silverwood Books in .

Following up on our previous publishing terms article, here’s another collection, this time aimed at anyone publishing independently.   Silverwood Books have put together a short glossary of commonly used...

Author Rights: Use Them to the Max! by Denise Deegan

Last December, I published a crossover novel called Through the Barricades, a coming-of-age love story set during a time of war (WW1) and revolution (Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising). With any...

Am I Hot Yet? My Kindle Scout Campaign by Emma Lindsay
Posted by Emma Lindsay in , .

Some time ago I wrote a Young Adult (YA) Science Fiction novel, True Guardian. It’s about a fifteen year-old girl who gets stranded on Earth, a planet whose inhabitants have...

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