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Writing all the Time: Six Wicked Reasons by Jo Spain
Posted by Jo Spain in > Crime > Interviews

I get asked a lot – make that all the time – how I’ve managed to make the transition to writing full-time (the holy grail) in such a short time...

Keep Your Eyes on Me by Sam Blake
Posted by Sam Blake in > Crime

And now for something completely different…. But don’t panic, there will be more Cat Connolly one day! After writing the Cat Connolly police procedural trilogy, my latest book is a...

Changing Ways: Writing in a Different Genre by Geraldine Hogan
Posted by Geraldine Hogan in > Crime > Interviews

The notion of writing under a pen name was not something I ever really considered – and so, I look back now and wonder how on earth I arrived at...

Having the Idea: The Assistant by SK Tremayne
Posted by S.K. Tremayne in > Crime > Interviews

There’s a lot of stuff written about writing, writers and the writerly craft. If you’re interested you can learn how writers plot, how they do characters, how many months they...

Persistence is the Key: Her Name is Rose by Claire Allan
Posted by Claire Allan in > Crime > Interviews

At the end of the first week of December 2019, something quite remarkable happened. My book, Her Name Was Rose (a psychological thriller about a young woman whose life is...

Writing is a Form of Magic: Black Summer by MW Craven
Posted by MW Craven in > Crime > Interviews

I can’t remember when I wanted to be an author, but I do remember begging my parents for a correspondence course on writing fiction when I was still at school....

The Telling Detail: Shadow by James Swallow
Posted by James Swallow in > Crime > Interviews

Details, details . . . “The devil is in the details” or so the phrase goes, and that’s something every writer should never forget. No matter where or when your...

My Writing Process: I Dare You by Sam Carrington
Posted by Sam Carrington in > Crime > Interviews

With each new book, elements of my writing process remain the same and some don’t! There have been some alterations during the four years since writing my debut, mainly due...

Nothing Important Happened Today by Will Carver
Posted by Will Carver in > Crime > Interviews

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid When you hear the word ‘cult’, what do you think about? Is it the crazy, power-hungry leader? A religious splinter? Mass orgies? Mass murder? Mass suicide?...

My Writing Journey by Simon Maltman
Posted by Simon Maltman in > Crime > Interviews

When did I first want to be a writer? I’m not sure I am one now! It might have been Maurice Leitch coming to speak to my class at school....