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Relearning, While Writing Oak and Stone by Dave Duggan
Posted by Dave Duggan in > Crime > Interviews

Can you say you’ve learned a lesson if it’s not something new? If it’s something you learned the very first time you wrote for readers other than yourself If it’s...

The File Note by David Foley: How It Came About
Posted by David Foley in > Crime > Interviews

I published my first novel in March.  It’s called The File Note. A murder mystery set in the sleepy village of Kilcreddin. The launch was in Dubray Book Shop on...

Cruel Acts by Jane Casey: An Interview with Mairead Hearne
Posted by Mairead Hearne in > Crime > Interviews

Irish writer Jane Casey has just released her latest novel Cruel Acts with Harper Collins, featuring the formidable DS Maeve Kerrigan. We were delighted that Jane was able to spend...

Cooking up my latest crime: No Way Out by Cara Hunter
Posted by Cara Hunter in > Crime > Interviews

‘Where do your ideas come from?’ Every writer gets asked that, and though it seems like a simple question, the answer is often anything but. So when the lovely people...

Hitting My Writing Targets: Stasi 77 by David Young
Posted by David Young in > Crime > Interviews

According to Stephen King, if you want to be writer you must do two things above all others: read a lot, and write a lot. On the writing side, he...

On Writing Things in Jars by Jess Kidd

I’ve long wanted to write a novel set in Victorian times and was particularly drawn to the narratives of the Irish settlers in London. They’d done what members of my...

The Inspiration for The Killer in Me by Olivia Kiernan
Posted by Olivia Kiernan in > Crime > Interviews

The Killer in Me is set in Dublin and follows DCS Frankie Sheehan as she takes on her next case. Seventeen years ago, the community of Clontarf was shocked when...

Bollywood Why? – Bollywood Wives by Alex Khan
Posted by Alex Khan in > Crime > Interviews

I get asked this question a lot, after two well received police procedural novels, why did I switch genres so drastically to write a glamorous Bollywood novel? Books have been...

I am a Self-Published Author: Black Wood by Derek Flynn
Posted by Derek Flynn in > Crime > Interviews

I am a self-published author. There was a time when that sentence was usually only spoken in church basements and was preceded by the words, “Hello. My name is Derek...

A Friend is a Gift You Give Yourself by William Boyle
Posted by William Boyle in > Crime > Interviews

A Friend Is a Gift You Give Yourself started for me when my neighbor in Brooklyn—let’s call her Linda—told my mother and me a story about being invited over to...