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Nothing Important Happened Today by Will Carver
Posted by Will Carver in > Crime > Interviews

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid When you hear the word ‘cult’, what do you think about? Is it the crazy, power-hungry leader? A religious splinter? Mass orgies? Mass murder? Mass suicide?...

My Writing Journey by Simon Maltman
Posted by Simon Maltman in > Crime > Interviews

When did I first want to be a writer? I’m not sure I am one now! It might have been Maurice Leitch coming to speak to my class at school....

The Making of Violet Hill by Henrietta McKervey
Posted by Henrietta McKervey in > Crime > Interviews

It began with three unrelated ideas and one street sign. The first idea: the only female detective in Edwardian London (there was such a woman in what is laughably known...

Agatha Christie’s Complete Secret Notebooks by John Curran
Posted by John Curran in > Crime > Interviews

How did Agatha Christie, an otherwise unremarkable woman, with no formal education, and no family background in writing produce the biggest-selling books in history? How was this self-effacing woman able...

Everyday Inspiration: The Holiday by TM Logan
Posted by TM Logan in > Crime > Interviews

A car stuck in city traffic. A tired father at the wheel. His young son in the back seat playing a game, naming the makes of cars that pass by....

Blood in the Dust by Bill Swiggs
Posted by Bill Swiggs in > Crime > Interviews

In 1985, while I was in the Royal Australian Air Force, my soon-to-be wife and I hiked to a cave in central New South Wales where two bushrangers had engaged...

Pitching The Road of a Thousand Tigers by Robert Craven
Posted by Robert Craven in > Crime > Interviews

I’m walking around the Northwood demesne in Santry, Dublin. It’s lunchtime and everyone in the area is making the best of the mid-September warmth. Strollers, joggers or office workers escaping...

From Novel Fair to Publication: I Will Make You Pay by Caroline Bale
Posted by Caroline Bale in > Crime > Interviews

My first novel, I Will Make You Pay, is a police procedural set in York featuring detective DI Ellen McClure. It was published in June by Joffe Publishers in London...

Failure is not an Option: Someone Else’s Baby by Ruby Speechley
Posted by Ruby Speechley in > Crime > Interviews

Once I’d told myself this, I knew it was only a matter of time and persistence. When you’re a writer trying to get published, it’s easy to think that everyone...

Exploring Revenge and Manipulation: Truth or Die by Katerina Diamond
Posted by Katerina Diamond in > Crime > Interviews

Writing the fifth book in an ongoing series was more complicated than I expected. I had so many existing characters to choose from, and so many paths for their stories...