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Everyday Inspiration: The Holiday by TM Logan
Posted by TM Logan in > Crime > Interviews

A car stuck in city traffic. A tired father at the wheel. His young son in the back seat playing a game, naming the makes of cars that pass by....

Blood in the Dust by Bill Swiggs
Posted by Bill Swiggs in > Crime > Interviews

In 1985, while I was in the Royal Australian Air Force, my soon-to-be wife and I hiked to a cave in central New South Wales where two bushrangers had engaged...

Pitching The Road of a Thousand Tigers by Robert Craven
Posted by Robert Craven in > Crime > Interviews

I’m walking around the Northwood demesne in Santry, Dublin. It’s lunchtime and everyone in the area is making the best of the mid-September warmth. Strollers, joggers or office workers escaping...

From Novel Fair to Publication: I Will Make You Pay by Caroline Bale
Posted by Caroline Bale in > Crime > Interviews

My first novel, I Will Make You Pay, is a police procedural set in York featuring detective DI Ellen McClure. It was published in June by Joffe Publishers in London...

Failure is not an Option: Someone Else’s Baby by Ruby Speechley
Posted by Ruby Speechley in > Crime > Interviews

Once I’d told myself this, I knew it was only a matter of time and persistence. When you’re a writer trying to get published, it’s easy to think that everyone...

Exploring Revenge and Manipulation: Truth or Die by Katerina Diamond
Posted by Katerina Diamond in > Crime > Interviews

Writing the fifth book in an ongoing series was more complicated than I expected. I had so many existing characters to choose from, and so many paths for their stories...

Finding Inspiration from Folklore by Sandra Ireland
Posted by Sandra Ireland in > Crime > Interviews

When people ask me the inevitable question, ‘Where did the idea for this book come from?’, there is never one simple answer. It’s a bit like tracing a river back...

Relearning, While Writing Oak and Stone by Dave Duggan
Posted by Dave Duggan in > Crime > Interviews

Can you say you’ve learned a lesson if it’s not something new? If it’s something you learned the very first time you wrote for readers other than yourself If it’s...

The File Note by David Foley: How It Came About
Posted by David Foley in > Crime > Interviews

I published my first novel in March.  It’s called The File Note. A murder mystery set in the sleepy village of Kilcreddin. The launch was in Dubray Book Shop on...

Cruel Acts by Jane Casey: An Interview with Mairead Hearne
Posted by Mairead Hearne in > Crime > Interviews

Irish writer Jane Casey has just released her latest novel Cruel Acts with Harper Collins, featuring the formidable DS Maeve Kerrigan. We were delighted that Jane was able to spend...