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Silencing Self-Doubt: Apple of my Eye by Claire Allan
Posted by Claire Allan in > Crime > Interviews

By now, I should be an old hand at this book writing carry-on. After all, as I sat down to write Apple of My Eye, I was penning what would...

My Journey To A Publishing Deal by Paul McNeive
Posted by Paul McNeive in > Crime > Interviews

What a buzz! There I am, in the Bestsellers list in Ireland: The Manhattan Project. This crazy dream, to see my novel published, a dream which sometimes felt like an...

A Watershed in Crime Fiction? by Niamh O’Connor
Posted by Niamh O'Connor in > Crime > Interviews

Val McDermid, who headlined the inaugural Murder One festival in Dublin last year, believes that crime writers should not have to defend what they do. The author of more than 40...

Darkest Truth by Catherine Kirwan
Posted by Catherine Kirwan in > Crime > Interviews

It’s the 13th of June 2016. Monday evening. I’m on the sofa watching Ireland play Sweden in the Euros. Wes Hoolahan is in the starting line-up and Eamon Dunphy is...

Writing a Chiller-Thriller: Red Snow by Will Dean
Posted by Will Dean in > Crime > Interviews

Red Snow is the second Tuva Moodyson thriller. In the first book, Dark Pines, the elk hunt was the constant threat in the background. The sheer number of rifles, hunters,...

Techno Thriller Heaven: Ghost by James Swallow
Posted by James Swallow in > Crime > Interviews

I think that the old adage “never judge a book by its cover” is a terrible piece of advice. How can you do anything else when you first encounter a...

Writing, Brexit & the Blight of the Border: The Listeners by Anthony J. Quinn
Posted by Anthony J. Quinn in > Crime > Interviews

I write about fictional detectives and spies, but my true hero is the Irish Border between Tyrone and Monaghan, and its soft, mazy landscape of bogland and forest. I grew...

The Inspiration Behind My Book: Keep You Safe by Rona Halsall
Posted by Rona Halsall in > Crime > Interviews

Inspiration is a tricky thing to pin down, I think, but it’s the commonest question you find yourself asked as an author – ‘What’s the inspiration behind your story?’ So...

In the Court’s Hands by Fiona Gartland
Posted by Fiona Gartland in > Crime > Interviews

Writers are often asked where they get the inspiration for their work. When did they begin to write the story? How did they develop it until it became a publishable...

Why I Moved Over to the Dark Side: Hush Hush by Mel Sherratt
Posted by Mel Sherratt in > Crime > Interviews

It might come as a shock to some people when they read my gritty books that I actually started out writing women’s fiction. Back then, my inspiration came from authors...