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When Evil Remembers: Keeper by Johana Gustawsson
Posted by Johana Gustawsson in > Crime > Interviews

‘Why? Do you know why this happened, Johana?’ These are the questions I grew up with. Absolutely not referring to an uncle’s skeleton found buried under the old oak tree...

Crime Genre or Not: Behind a Closed Door by Adele O’Neil
Posted by Adele O'Neill in > Crime > Interviews

For someone like me who has always bucked against tradition for the sake of tradition and has always had a complete distaste for labels and categorisation, it’s terribly tempting to...

Researching The Last Hour by Harry Sidebottom
Posted by Harry Sidebottom in > Crime > Historical Fiction > Interviews

The Last Hour is the first novel that came to me almost fully formed in one image. The hero, Ballista, was standing on top of the Mausoleum of Hadrian. The...

Writing to Order: Hold My Hand by M.J. Ford
Posted by M.J. Ford in > Crime > Interviews

Avon, the imprint of Harper Collins, actually came to me with the idea for Hold My Hand. That might sound an unusual way to end up writing a book, where the...

My Path to Publication: The Ruin by Dervla McTiernan
Posted by Dervla McTiernan in > Crime > Interviews

I’ve always loved stories. Such a short sentence, that one. It feels inadequate, but superlatives sound insincere, so that’s what I’m left with. I learned to read when I was...

Where Do You Get Your Ideas? The Liar’s Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard
Posted by Catherine Ryan Howard in > Crime > Interviews

Recently, I was in the green room at a book festival, trying to discreetly slip the cord of a microphone down my top and out below the hem of it...

The Confession by Jo Spain
Posted by Jo Spain in > Crime > Interviews

As a writer of a successful police procedural series, I’d like to say I thought long and hard before deciding to write a standalone psychological thriller. I didn’t. I jumped...

A Love for Books – of all Shapes and Sizes by Sam Blake
Posted by Sam Blake in > Crime

It’s Valentine’s week but in the book world, love is spreading in a very different way – this is a week of new releases for my Cat Connolly trilogy. Just...

The Abandoned by Sharon Thompson
Posted by Sharon Thompson in > Crime > Interviews

I’m excited. My debut crime novel, The Abandoned, is published by a leading crime publisher Bloodhound Books. I’m also nervous because I’m now asked how I got here and what...

My Writer’s Journey: Wormwood by Larry Enmon
Posted by Larry Enmon in > Crime > Interviews

In 2002, I retired from the Secret Service. No, no, not Her Majesty’s Secret Service—the United States Secret Service. Unlike our namesake in Britain, the U.S. Secret Service is a...

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