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Tell Your Own Story: Mining Memories

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Mining Memories is all about living history and gives you an opportunity to submit your writing to writing.ie. This section is all about your recollections and memories whether from yesterday or from fifty years ago. What can you remember of your school days? What was the most dramatic incident in your life? Share your memories and help build the National Folklore Collection to reflect the lives of Irish people, wherever they are living. We are keen to see all kinds of memories in submissions of up to 1500 words, poetry or prose.

“It’s happy hour again…” by Yvonne Reddin
Posted by Yvonne Reddin in , .

In Secondary School, I came out of my shell. In first year, I would have been about 12, I was a nervous wreck starting “big” school. I had always hung...

Work (Part 2): Learning Swear Words by Michael Rigley
Posted by Michael Rigley in , .

Dad once gave my brother Jimmy a telling off because, whilst we were attending a summer party the textile company held for workers kids, Jimmy found a way into the...

Leaving School: Work (Part 1) by Michael Rigley
Posted by Michael Rigley in , .

Whilst cycling home from a Thursday evening meeting of the air cadets, I approached perhaps one of the most important forks in the highway of my life. I had cycled...

Two Brothers Go Fishing by Michael Rigley
Posted by Michael Rigley in , .

My brother remarked that it was a while since we had gone fishing together; I agreed and reminded him that, with two nippers and me not owning car, fishing was...

Home for Dinner by Michael Rigley
Posted by Michael Rigley in , .

While not actually clock watching, my stomach was telling me the end of the shift was not too far off. My wife always had a nice cooked meal waiting and,...

The Interview by Bill Lloyd
Posted by Bill Lloyd in , .

In 1963, after an eventful year in the Merchant Navy as a radio officer, I found a job on the North side of Dublin as a technician in a radio...

Leaving Home by John Killeen
Posted by John Killeen in , .

The thing I remember most about that journey to boarding school was walking down to the railway station with my father. Nobody had told me anything and everything seemed unreal....

A Visit to the Dentist by Shaun Ivory
Posted by Shaun Ivory in , .

Hands up those who like school dentists! Is there even such a person these days? There certainly was back in the 1940s. Just as the seasons rolled around in the...

Impressions by John Killeen
Posted by John Killeen in , .

Six stone steps ascended to the front door. The brass lion’s head, belatedly recognised as a knocker, had turned a mouldy green. Two panes were missing from the Georgian fanlight....

Merche and the Secret Garden by Tina Lawlor Mottram
Posted by Tina Lawlor Mottram in , .

As I paint, strange shadowy figures emerge, trapped in the central box positioned slightly off centre on the canvas. Leaving analysis until the muse has deserted me, colour is piled...

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