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Tell Your Own Story: Mining Memories

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Mining Memories is all about living history and gives you an opportunity to submit your writing to writing.ie. This section is all about your recollections and memories whether from yesterday or from fifty years ago. What can you remember of your school days? What was the most dramatic incident in your life? Share your memories and help build the National Folklore Collection to reflect the lives of Irish people, wherever they are living. We are keen to see all kinds of memories in submissions of up to 1500 words, poetry or prose.

Mislaid Memories by Michael Connolly
Posted by Michael Connolly in , .

As my old long departed friend Ernie used to say “old age is not for the fainthearted” and who was I to argue with Ernie’s take on the subject: as...

Temper Tantrum by Evelyn Killeen McCrann
Posted by Evelyn Killeen McCrann in , .

We are all guilty of throwing temper tantrums at some stage in our childhood. However, I have been left with the impression that I, the eldest of five was the...

A Rainy Night in a Ditch in County Limerick by Simon Murphy
Posted by Simon Murphy in , .

On Friday I took the train home to Limerick for the long weekend. I wanted to do something productive – visit somewhere I hadn’t been to previously. A brainwave struck....

Father’s Fashion Rules by Evelyn Killeen McCrann
Posted by Evelyn Killeen McCrann in , .

‘Take that off, it doesn’t suit you’! Was the frequent order given by father to my mother and us, his five children, if he did not like the colour, style...

The Emigrant Writer, Eustace Boylan SJ by Paul B McNulty
Posted by Paul B McNulty in , .

During his final years of secondary education at Belvedere College, a centre of Jesuit education in Dublin, my granduncle, Eustace Boylan SJ (1869-1953) developed a vocation. To that end, he...

Alexei by William Blackall
Posted by William Blackall in , .

I found a lovely black six month old puppy with a curly tail and a white sock on his right paw in a cardboard box in the car park at...

Memories of Seventies Dublin by Jane Shortall
Posted by Jane Shortall in , .

A Dubliner, a girl in her twenties, envies me for living in that city through the seventies. She, and many of her friends do not snigger at those years described...

Angels in Diguise by Kieran Gardiner
Posted by Kieran Gardiner in , .

We grew up in a small fishing village in south Galway. The village was divided in two tribes. Down town, comprised of those that had homes over looking the sea...

Rage Against Old Age by Michael Clemenger
Posted by Michael Clemenger in , .

Setting – Parlour in house in Terenure, Dublin, Ireland. Mr Roberts a lecturer of English  is 62 years old. Enter stage left, table, library books, drinks cabinet, chairs, carpet on...

The First Irish President by Mike Connolly
Posted by Michael Connolly in , .

Recently, I wrote a short article on the latest Irish Presidential election and in the course of my research, I was looking at the past history of people who had...