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Tell Your Own Story: Mining Memories

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Mining Memories is all about living history and gives you an opportunity to submit your writing to writing.ie. This section is all about your recollections and memories whether from yesterday or from fifty years ago. What can you remember of your school days? What was the most dramatic incident in your life? Share your memories and help build the National Folklore Collection to reflect the lives of Irish people, wherever they are living. We are keen to see all kinds of memories in submissions of up to 1500 words, poetry or prose.

The Communion Dress by Olga Maughan
Posted by Olga Maughan in , .

I remember it like it was yesterday. The postman arrived with a large parcel wrapped in brown paper and handed it to my grandmother. I could hardly contain myself as...

Observations: Dublin 2018 by Mike Connolly
Posted by Mike Connolly in , .

Recently, I was in Ireland for two weeks and it was a wonderful opportunity to compare present day Ireland to the country I grew up in and said goodbye to...

Patricia’s Passport by Olga Maughan
Posted by Olga Maughan in , .

The early morning sun was crisp. I couldn’t remember the last time we were up so early, six thirty on a July morning, waiting in Dublin city for the coach...

Windmills of Ireland by Mike Connolly
Posted by Mike Connolly in , .

I suppose I must admit that I have an enquiring mind and sometimes my curiosity is taken by something which I come across in my travels and requires a bit...

In Praise of our Health Service by Olga Maughan
Posted by Olga Maughan in , .

I must say I have been very fortunate. Health wise that is. I never had any real problems to worry myself about. So it was very upsetting when I hit...

In the Shadows of Dublin Past by Mike Connolly
Posted by Mike Connolly in , .

I suppose City Renewal is a good thing, “out with the old, in with the new” but, do we lose something in the transition, and should we be careful of...

The Rag and Bone Man by Olga Maughan
Posted by Olga Maughan in , .

How many of you remember him? He would come down our avenue shouting, “rags or bottles, old clothes or scrap” as he tapped the horse that pulled his cart. On...

Fanore by Denis McClean
Posted by Denis McClean in , .

When we say the world is in flux, most of us simply mean that tomorrow will probably be as different from today as today was from yesterday. Time flies because...

“It’s happy hour again…” by Yvonne Reddin
Posted by Yvonne Reddin in , .

In Secondary School, I came out of my shell. In first year, I would have been about 12, I was a nervous wreck starting “big” school. I had always hung...

Work (Part 2): Learning Swear Words by Michael Rigley
Posted by Michael Rigley in , .

Dad once gave my brother Jimmy a telling off because, whilst we were attending a summer party the textile company held for workers kids, Jimmy found a way into the...

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