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Tell Your Own Story: Mining Memories

Submit Your Memories

Mining Memories is all about living history and gives you an opportunity to submit your writing to writing.ie. This section is all about your recollections and memories whether from yesterday or from fifty years ago. What can you remember of your school days? What was the most dramatic incident in your life? Share your memories and help build the National Folklore Collection to reflect the lives of Irish people, wherever they are living. We are keen to see all kinds of memories in submissions of up to 1500 words, poetry or prose.

Looking for Irish Street by Ursula Troche
Posted by Ursula Troche in , .

I had a feeling I could be right about this, and to prove it, I went out that rainy evening, at dusk, crossed the bridge, and went to look for...

For The Love Of Max by Olga Maughan
Posted by Olga Maughan in , .

I was clearing out the shed after ordering a large skip that stood in the drive. I picked up the broken chair wondering how we had held onto it for...

The Pillar v. The Spire by Olga Maughan
Posted by Olga Maughan in , .

I remember climbing the pillar as a young girl, my friend Pauline and I would take ourselves off to town when she needed new clothes, I just tagged along. Her...

Children of Prague by Angela McCabe
Posted by Angela McCabe in , .

Neighbour Sacramental ewers, blessed salts cleansed and sanctified, visible forms of invisible grace. Relics in satin boxes, flowers, incense. Mary surrounded by guardian angels. Imagination run wild. Mystical monuments in...

Nights of 1969 by Angela McCabe
Posted by Angela McCabe in , .

Reservoirs of psychic energy released, our soul’s spiritual longings burst open a riotous carnival of colour, chaos and song. Brightly lit Mondrian floor blue, yellow, green, orange, red, turns your...

On Being Sixty by Declan Molloy
Posted by Declan Molloy in , .

It was bad enough on that one particular morning ten years ago when I realised I was fifty. Of course I could understand that it was just a number. And...

Remember by Declan Molloy
Posted by Declan Molloy in , .

Martin Casey could not spell the word ‘remember’ no matter how hard he tried. ‘Rem-em-em-em, he’d stutter. ‘No, no no,’ roared O’Leary, ‘spell it again.’ ‘Re… m… m… em…’ ‘Oh...

Floury Potatoes by Declan Molloy
Posted by Declan Molloy in , .

What is it? What is this damn fetish we have in Ireland for floury potatoes? What is it that compels our people to drive all the moisture from the humble...

A Glimpse into my Life by Kristina Bowman
Posted by Kristina Bowman in , .

I was born to a poor family. My mom, a completely passive, caring, introverted hermit, and my dad an abusive and aggressive alcoholic. I grew up by the “old school”...

The Mission in Ballykinn by Michael Clemenger
Posted by Michael Clemenger in , .

Characters and their biographies Tom Mac Carthy (Tom) – worked on the buildings in England and inherited the pub from his late uncle Seamus. Mrs Mac (Perpetua) – only daughter...