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Are You the F***king Doctor? by Liam Farrell
Posted by Liam Farrell in > Interviews > Memoir > Non-Fiction

‘You should publish a selection of your columns,’ said my partner, sounding a bit less irritated than usual. ‘My Collected Works, you mean,’ I said, with brief grandiose visions of...

Becoming a Mother: Reflections on Adoptive Parenthood by Mari Gallagher
Posted by Mari Gallagher in > Interviews > Memoir > Non-Fiction

Becoming a Mother – Reflections on Adoptive Parenthood took five years to write but realistically I have been mentally working on it since adopting my first child in 1999. The...

On Commitment: Falling for a Farmer by Maura McElhone
Posted by Maura McElhone in > Interviews > Memoir > Non-Fiction

As our wedding day draws nearer, it may come as no surprise that “commitment” is on my mind. But the truth is, it had emerged as an important theme in...

Why I wrote Matchstick Man by Julia Kelly
Posted by Julia Kelly in > Interviews > Memoir

I didn’t plan to write this book. I’d begun work on a new novel about a family wedding in Italy but I couldn’t concentrate; I was too overwhelmed by what...

The Inspiration for The Cow Book by John Connell
Posted by John Connell in > Interviews > Memoir > Non-Fiction

The Cow Book is the story of my life as a farmer in rural Ireland. It is also the story of my family, community and the animals I live with:...

Reading and Selecting from Maria Edgeworth’s Letters by Valerie Pakenham
Posted by Valerie Pakenham in > Interviews > Memoir > Non-Fiction

I first came across Maria Edgeworth when I married in 1964 and came to live in Co. Westmeath, 15 miles from Edgeworthstown. Pakenhams and Edgeworths had intermarried in the early...

Rise Above! Letters from Tyrone Guthrie by Christopher Fitz-Simon
Posted by Christopher Fitz-Simon in > Interviews > Memoir > Non-Fiction

Before the advent of e-mail it seems to have been an irrefutable fact that persons destined by a Higher Authority to become famous would have their letters preserved from a...

Telling Tales: The Fabulous Lives of Anita Leslie by Penny Perrick
Posted by Penny Perrick in > Interviews > Memoir > Non Fiction

Biographers are not universally loved. James Joyce called us ‘biografiends’ and Edmund de Waal, although acclaimed for his family memoir, The Hare with Amber Eyes, a book both tender and...

An Irish Punk in London: A Ton of Malice by Barry McKinley
Posted by Barry McKinley in > Interviews > Memoir > Non-Fiction

I started writing A Ton of Malice in 1981 – and finally finished it this year. It’s hard to know why it took so long. It’s a memoir, so the...

Life Writing – Alana Kirk, Jane McKenna and Andrea Hayes
Posted by Alana Kirk in > Interviews > Memoir > Non-Fiction

Memoir – or life writing – is becoming an increasingly popular genre. Gone are the days when only politicians and sports people wrote about aspects of their lives; now anyone...