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Constance Emmett

Location: Massachusetts, USA
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Constance Emmett’s debut historical/LGQ novel, Heroine Of Her Own Life, published by Next Chapter, is available on Amazon.co.UK. She holds dual US and Republic of Ireland citizenship. Constance writes in an aerie-like office in the beautiful foothills of the Massachusetts Berkshires, where she lives with her wife and their dog. Her non-fiction is posted on her blog, or connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


Heroine Of Her Own Life

In the 1920s, Meg Preston is a young, working class, Belfast woman who struggles to accept her lesbian sexuality, a difficult task in the restrictive, religious age in which she lives. After one disastrous experience as a young girl, and later with a privileged and more experienced young woman, Meg represses her sexuality, focusing on her career and her large family, and their tribulations, which include emigration and sectarian violence. She becomes determined not to be a victim, and finds that love was waiting for her in the form of a childhood friend, Lillian. Battling the mores of the times, Meg and Lillian forge a union and a life together as lovers and partners, walking a line between what they feel for one another, and what their families and society will accept, until one of Meg’s sisters reveals her understanding and approval. Even then, their lives take them on a dangerous path when the Luftwaffe carries out bombing raids on Belfast that kill thousands in 1941, including Lillian’s brother-in-law and Meg’s brother David’s partner. Meg organizes an evacuation, not only for her and Lillian, but also for their families to a small seaside town, where Meg thrives even in wartime, starting a Victory Garden and mastering the black market in order to feed the family. As she ages and faces illness, Meg finally accepts the beauty of her form of love, and that she had, indeed, been the heroine of her own life.

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