Deborah Maguire

Location: Co. Meath/Co. Cavan
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Deborah Maguire is an author and illustrator, living on the beautiful border of Meath and Cavan in the Irish countryside. She works in her cosy home-based studio, with her dogs by her side, and a hot coffee on her desk!

Deborah originally trained as a Psychologist, and worked for 10 years in both academic and applied settings, before following a creative dream of writing and drawing. Her experience in her previous career, along with her love of nature and the outdoors, are important influences on her work. A love of books, first fostered in childhood, never left her, and her studio shelves are adorned with lots of her favourites.

The Girl And The Dog is Deborah’s first book.


The Girl And The Dog

The Girl And The Dog is the story of a special bond, of contemplation, friendship and what matters most. Their journey together can be enjoyed from page-to-page or dip in and out at random and enjoy their special moments along their walk.

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