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Deirdre McCarthy is a Registered Social worker, who spent 5 years working in Child Protection. Deirdre completeda Masters in Social Science (social policy) and has completed various training in the area of parenting and co-parenting as well as a level 9 ACE cert in “Trauma-informed Care”.
Deirdre currently runs her own business “Family3: Social Work and Family Consultancy” and assesses the voice of the child in custody and access cases. This is Deirdre’s area of interest and expertise, hence the creation of an amazing resource for children and families in the picture book “it’s not fair” and its companion work book


It’s Not Fair: Bròd's Journey Through Their Parents’ Break-up

‘It’s Not Fair’ is a universal book looking at the ups and downs of a child experiencing their parents breaking up, and has been beautifully illustrated by Bex Sheridan

Bròd is having a difficult time, their parents are breaking up and this is very confusing
Bród doesn’t know what their family will look like now, what home will be like and how everything will feel as they try to make sense of it all.
But Bród has help! Thanks to their family, friends and their teacher, they learn how to cope when everything feels overwhelming.
Join Bród on this heartwarming journey where everybody works together to make sure Bród feels happy, healthy, safe and loved.

This book is a picture book and is for children 4-11 approximately

This book is LGBTQI sensitive and the main characters are gender neutral to allow a child to ascribe their own genders to their view of the story.

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