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Douglas Solvie

Location: Bozeman, Montana, USA
Speaks to writer groups.
Speaks to book clubs.


I never intended to become a novel writer. I always thought I might like to become one, but work, family, and life itself kept me from ever seriously pursuing. I also was afraid I didn’t have the imagination.

That all changed when I retired from the business world, but not before a trip to Ireland, and a chance event there, inspired me with the impetus to get going. The result of course is My Irish Dog.

I was raised in Montana, but I ended up living most of my adult life in Japan (it’s a long story). I presently live in Bozeman, Montana, but I still haven’t decided where to live permanently once it’s all said and done. I’m hoping more travel will lead me where I need to go as well as provide the inspiration for my next book. Maybe that next novel will be a sequel, depending of course whether enough people like this first one.


My Irish Dog

Spencer held on to the faintest of hope, but still he knew the trip to Ireland had almost no prospect of remedying his internal dilemma. Then again, he never imagined that a chance meeting with a lost and dying dog named Shandy would change his life forever.

Step into the small Irish village of Galbally, where the unwitting Spencer stumbles headfirst into a parallel world that will test his will, sanity, and even physical well-being. Time and promise are running out. Will unnatural forces and events scare Spencer away before he can connect again with the mysterious dog? Will he find his way forward before Shandy meets her inevitable fate? Or will suspicious locals and a nefarious Dublin innkeeper force Spencer from the village before he completes his life-altering mission?

Follow Spencer as he races to save a little Irish dog named Shandy. If he only realized that it is Shandy who is trying to save him…

  • The Dark Room: A thrilling new novel from the number one Irish Times bestselling author of Keep Your Eyes on Me
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