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Eve Elliot is a voice actress, fiction writer and essayist. Her short stories and creative non-fiction have been published in ten anthologies and journals in Europe and North America, including Capitol Crimes’ Cemetery Plots (California) and Death of a Bad Neighbour (UK).

She recently wrote and produced her first radio play, The Death of Dr. Davidson, as a full-cast, twelve-part audio series, and is
currently completing her second self-published romance novel, releasing it one chapter at a time to her Patreon supporters. Canadian by birth, she now lives in Dublin, Ireland. Find out more at www. eveelliot.com.


Stay With Me

Book Two of the Phoenix Group International triology – a passionate, emotional story about the healing nature of redemption and the awe-inspiring power of love…

Erik Johansson is as tough at they come. Tall, broad and muscular, he’s a former Army Ranger whose unit was betrayed by one of their own and killed in an overseas ambush. Along with two others, he survived, but only just. Abducted by unknown agents and medically ’enhanced’, he became the ultimate Super-soldier – thirty percent stronger than the average man, more aggressive, more violent…and with a sex drive to match.

Now liberated from his captors, the only thing capable of breaking his control is a woman. But not just any woman. The doctor who helped bring him back from the brink, the beautiful, brave Dr. Alexandra O’Neill…

Alex O’Neill knows her patient well. As part of Phoenix Group International, the para-military private security force she joined to escape a troubled past of her own, she knows too well the toll that war can take on a man. Especially a man like Erik Johansson, the tough, brooding former solider she’s fallen in love with; the man she knows has fallen in love with her too, but whose demons won’t let him admit it. She knows there’s only way to soothe his soul and heal his scars, and she’s going to risk everything to prove it to him.

Alone, together, in a secluded mountain cabin…can she break down his walls and convince him to let love in?

The Death of Dr. Davidson

For fans of Agatha Christie and the other greats of the Golden Age of Crime Fiction comes this delightfully devious audio drama/radio play The Death of Dr. Davidson.

Retired British heart surgeon Dr. James Davidson invites his three grown children and various others to his country manor for a shocking announcement. The next morning, the doctor is found dead in his study, poisoned by a cup of cocoa.

Who committed the dastardly deed? Follow the investigation with Inspector McTavish as he tries to determine which of the nine people present overnight was responsible for the Death of Dr. Davidson.

Suitable for production as an audio drama or radio play.

Death of a Bad Neighbour: Revenge is Criminal

An anthology of crime fiction on the theme of bad neighbours, featuring Eve’s story “One Spye After Another”

Cemetery Plots of Northern California

15 amazing authors. 15 tales with “cemetery plots.” Welcome to the Capitol Crimes 2021 Anthology. A cadre of superlative judges selected the best of the best to put between these covers.

With a foreword by best-selling author Catriona McPherson, delve into the creative minds of Capitol Crimes members. The setting: Northern California. The theme: that place we all finally must visit, the cemetery. The plots and characters are as diverse as the authors. And their stories will touch your spirit where adventure and fear intersect.

The Glimmer Man (published by Trasna June 2023)

Features my story “The Glimmer Man”, a memoir of Dublin seen through the eyes of a Dublin father and his Canadian son.

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