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George Nash

Location: Co. Kerry, Ireland.
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George Nash is originally from Tipperary and now lives on the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland. His novel ‘Uneasy Quest’ is the first in a series set during the early Norman settlement period. The novels chronicle the lives of settler families as they struggle to integrate and make their homes in Ireland. Their life and death stories intermingle with real historical characters and events.

The name Nash is of Norman origin (de Náis in Irish). Some sources say that Nash families came to Ireland with the first Normans in 1169. George has always been fascinated with how the Welsh-Norman people integrated into Irish life.

When not writing, George can be found on Castlegregory golf links and supporting Munster Rugby. He can be contacted by email: george@bizpace.ie


Uneasy Quest

Ireland, 1169: a foreign army has landed in County Wexford. Invited by Diarmaid MacMurrough, King of Leinster, Strongbow’s Norman invasion of Ireland has begun…
Huw Ashe, a young Welsh archer, and his Norman father have joined the invading forces to escape a death sentence in Wales. Becoming a ruthless warrior, Huw forges alliances with the powerful warring factions of Munster and makes new and dangerous enemies. With Bridín O’Brien, an Irish noblewoman, he finds a love that bridges class and language barriers and endures separation, conflict and hardship.
As Huw and his family become the targets of a vicious revenge quest, he and Bridín must strive to find a safe haven from threats old and new, as war and upheaval take hold in Ireland and Huw risks losing everything.

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