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Helen’s career began in film distribution, managing the release of major films for the likes of Studio Canal and EOne. Later she produced the feature documentary FUTURESHOCK! THE STORY OF 2000AD and shorts such as the multi-award-winning NASTY.

Her first graphic novel, Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen was released in 2020. Since her debut, Helen collaborated with Graham Coxon on his multi-media Superstate project, co-wrote the graphic novel Painted and wrote an animated short film and one-shot comic for Beavertown Breweries’ widely acclaimed Flightmare campaign. She has written short stories for the likes of Storyworlds and Heavy Metal.

In 2023 Helen moved to Ireland to pursue a Masters in Creative Writing at UL. She is currently working on a major comic book series and graphic novel, both slated to be announced in 2024.

Helen is a former dog-musher and the subject of the documentary The Long Run as part of RTÉ radio’s Doc on One series. The programme documents her quest to represent Ireland in the international endurance race Femundløpet in Norway.


Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen

Folk horror through the eyes of a modern teen in this atmospheric tale of obsession, suspense and magic.

Something strange has been unleashed in the north of England. A modern-day druid commits a series of ghastly murders in an attempt to unleash the awesome power of the ancient gods of Great Britain. But all hell really breaks loose when his latest would-be victim, Nicnevin “NISSY” Oswald, turns out to be more than she seems.

A British tale mixing black magic and horror, godfathered by Jock, one of the new masters of comic book suspense!


Superstate is a graphic novel and accompanying original soundtrack. The high-concept world of Superstate encompasses the pairing of an original album soundtrack of 15 new songs from Graham Coxon, with a graphic novel of 15 stories featuring the work of 15 artists, and writers Alex Paknadel and Helen Mullane, with album and book cover artwork by Coxon himself.


As fashion model Sophie Ember prepares for the catwalk, she receives an upsetting message that forces her to confront events from her teenage days and the actions of her best friend Selene, the only person who had the courage to stand against the misogyny of their upbringing.

Lifeform: Vivian

Angels & Airwaves and creative studio Tension Division bring the psychedelic story behind the 2021 album, Lifeforms, to a new graphic novel—Lifeform: Vivian. Written by Helen Mullane (Superstate, Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen) and drawn by Amilcar Pinna (Tori Amos: Little Earthquakes, Eternal Blue: A Spiritbox Graphic Novel), the story will unspool the tale behind the mysterious woman at the center of the band’s sixth studio LP as she wanders from the New Mexico desert into the life of a low-level government employee, Victor. The pair ignites a tentative romance as their world erupts in chaos, with secret agents following Vivian’s every move as events erupt around the amnesiac woman that defy explanation.

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