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Trish Groves

Location: County Kildare, Ireland
Facilitates workshops.
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My motto is: ‘Let us write a script for the way we would like the world to be, then let’s produce it together.’. I’ve been writing in different forms since I picked up my first pencil: screenplays, books, radio plays, blogs, digital content, you name it. At times, I’ve pushed beyond the page to produce short films, radio plays, digital media and YouTube content.

I’m a lifelong learner, and along the way I’ve picked up a few qualifications, including a Post-Graduate Certificate in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship from Trinity College Dublin, an MA (Hons) in Scriptwriting from the Institute of Art, Design & Technology in Dun Laoghaire, and a Diploma in Online Marketing and Digital Strategy from Griffith College Dublin.

Although we writers can be solitary animals, we do like to get together at times, so I’m a professional member of the Society of Authors, the Writers’ Guild of Ireland and of course Writing.ie. My traditionally-published historical biography, ‘Petticoat Rebellion – The Anna Parnell Story‘, was released in 2009 by The Mercier Press. It was featured as Irish Times Book of the Day that year, and was selected from over 300 submissions for ‘Great Irish Book Week‘. It’s still available to buy as a Print on Demand from The Mercier Press, and as an e-book on Amazon.

My quirky, short film ‘Rapunzel – The Blonde Years‘, produced through Screen Ireland’s ‘Virtual Cinema’ scheme, has had over 730,000 hits on YouTube, and has been used as an education resource in schools for discussing gender and development.

I have also been lucky enough to have been funded by both Screen Ireland and the Arts Council of Ireland. My most exciting arts adventure was a training placement with the No Strings Puppets production team. I worked alongside the puppeteers and production crew in the Henson Carriage in New York, during the filming of the No Strings Kibing gender equality project.

I have an extensive collection of blank notebooks and half-used pens with missing tops, ready for my next project.


Petticoat Rebellion: The Anna Parnell Story

“In the late nineteenth century, before women had the vote, a group of respectable ladies operated outside the law to fight for the rights of the landless poor in Ireland. They were feared by both the British government and Irish nationalist movement because of their radicalism, and the authorities were reluctant to confront them because they were women.

They were the Ladies’ Land League, led by Anna Parnell.

When Anna and her colleagues starting questioning her brother Charles Stewart Parnell’s political strategies, they challenged the authority of the Irish Parliamentary Party and the male-run Land League, forcing Charles to reassert control and disband the Ladies’ League.

In this new study of an often unheralded heroine, Patricia Groves explores the life of Anna Parnell, her relationship with her brother and the forces that drove her to such remarkable feats.”



‘In her brilliant and compellingly written study, Patricia Groves has restored to Irish history the life and work of a singular Irish Patriot.’ Irish Voice – Amazon.com

‘This is a long overdue biog of an energetic and feisty lady.’ The Sunday Tribune

‘Petticoat Rebellion portrays an Anna Parnell who understood the need for revolution on the land in a way that her brother never could.’ Ann Dolan, The Irish Times

‘This book is a must for anyone interested in Irish history. It is the missing page for the history books and extremely well written, not to mention enjoyable.’ Five Star review by History Angel – Amazon.co.uk

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