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Tara Thompson

Location: Ireland



Taking a leap of faith with my first book, The Quest.
My own personal journey (Quest) of self discovery, healing and empowerment.
Overcoming Trauma.

Current project

The Quest.

A memoir.
A personal story of uncovering, unpacking, processing and Healing from Trauma.

Writing sample

For you, reading this now the peace I’m describing might sound impossible like a fairy-tale.
You might be reading this thinking to yourself, “that’s not my path, I cant get there. I wont ever get there.
That path doesn’t sound like mine. It seems insurmountable” but I am you!
I’ve been exactly where you are now. I’m standing right beside you.

I’ve felt the emotions. The negative self talk. The feelings that you won’t survive.
but you will ! You can! You are !
One day at a time. One whim. One decision. One smile.
A good cry.
Being curious.
Feeling terrified to try new things but being brave enough to still try them.

YOU ARE ENOUGH, You have always been enough.
You are not broken. The shame doesn’t belong to you. it is not yours. It was never yours

I like you, had dreamt about the white knight who would swoop in and save me but i just like you, captain my own ship.
I am in control. I have taken the helm.

I had thought I needed and was searching for a Hero but inevitably I’d become one.

“She finally found Peace inside the storm that was her soul.
It was no longer about someone coming to rescue her and saving her. it was all about her saving her own self.

She needed a Hero, so that’s what she Became!”

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