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All is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker

Writing.ie | Young Adult

By Megan Punzet

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I can say straight out that I am in love with this book. I knew it would be amazing by the end of the first page, and even after I cried for 10 minutes at the end I still loved it.

I have read a lot of books, many of them very sad and a lot of them covering the same kind of themes as in this new book by Wendy Walker; but one thing I can say without a doubt, is that this is my favourite book that explains these themes and thoroughly explores them to a point where I feel like I’ve never read anything like it before.

To briefly summarise this is a psychological thriller not like the style of ‘Gone Girl’ about a teenage girl named Jenny who is raped at a high school party. To relieve her of the pain of the traumatic experience, without consulting her, Jenny’s parents agree to let her have a very experimental treatment that can remove the memory of the rape.

The treatment works yet no one can move on.

Her father is determined to bring the rapist to justice, her mother is trying to pretend it never happened and Jenny just wants to remember so the pain will end.

Told through the perspective of phsycologist Alan Forrester, this is a story of infidelity, lies, mental illness and facing one’s demons.
Alan is a very unemotional character, staying unbiased and sticking to the facts as he deals with the trauma, betrayal and hurt around him. I think Alan is by far the most fascinating character who has the most complex and interesting story of all the characters. The book also follows some of Alan’s other patients including Sean, who has an upsetting history as well, dealing with his PTSD with the same memory treatment as Jenny and also trying to be happy with his wife and son while coping with his depression. This is a very intense book and it is hard to get through, with graphic images, quite difficult language, a complicated storyline and most of all, the very upsetting theme of rape.

All is Not Forgotten is definitely for over 18’s as many young readers would not fully understand it, get upset, or be offended by the numerous graphic scenes. This book contains bad language and explicit scenes but it may be the most important book you read in a long time. It’s not just about a young girl who has too much to drink and get taken advantage of, it is about how the media perceives rape suspects, the seriousness of underage sex and what it means to be to be seduced at a young age and how rape affects a victim’s life afterwards. It’s hard to discuss the plot without giving a lot away, but this is an amazing and beautifully written book that I think anyone emotionally mature enough should read and I definitely recommend it.

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