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Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

Writing.ie | Young Adult

By Megan Punzet

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This was a very interesting book to read, especially since it had what I felt to be so many over-used young adult book cliches like the the heroine with 2 love interests, her trying to take down the evil government that’s trying to make everyone perfect but also taking away people’s free will…. As soon as I started reading, I thought I knew exactly what I was in for- except I didn’t. In so many ways this is exactly like every other YA book ever and yet it’s also so completely different.

The plot sounds pretty basic, Celestine live in a perfect society. She is the perfect daughter, has a caring boyfriend and a loving family. Her life is pretty uninteresting, except that in this world, anyone who steps out of line, says something they’re not supposed to or break a rule – they are flawed. Named as outcasts they are shunned from society. And when Celestine gets involved in a dangerous situation, she must fight for her life or lose everything.

So yeah, sounds interesting but not very different to any other teen heroine books.

But Flawed is so much more than what it seems.

Dealing with situations very similar to the extreme days of racism and homophobia, it goes into the deep issues of our criminal system and how we deal with crime.

I actually felt so attached to the main character Celestine, some parts were just so heartbreakingly emotional, I cared about what happened to her, I wanted to know that it would end happily.

The plot, although it seems very easy and basic, goes into so much detail, the twists are just so unexpected, and I usually am good with knowing plot twists but wow. Things that happened were just so surprising and unlike anything I’ve ever  read before.
I can’t recommend this book highly enough, but be prepared to be shocked, scared and cry a lot!

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