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Oasis by Eilis Barrett

Writing.ie | Young Adult

By Megan Punzet

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Oasis is the 1st book of Irish teen Eilís Barrett. It centres around Quincy Emerson, who lives in a world threatened by a virus that has destroyed most of humanity. All that remains is the city of Oasis, separated into the Inner Sector – where people immune to the virus live their peaceful lives – and the Outer Sector, the cramped, overcrowded and violent place where Quincy has grown up. When things start to get dangerous for her and she finds a way out, Quincy discovers that there is a rebellion brewing behind the wall that surrounds the city and joins them to bring down Oasis.

For a first book, the writing is absolutely excellent and Barrett sets the tone and place of the book very well. Although the plot borrows elements from other young adult books, I think the writing and the characters make up for it. Quincy is a very enjoyable character and I feel like she’s a lot more relatable then other teen heroines I’ve read. There is an annoying love story with Quincy and the leader of the rebels, but because his character is likeable, it isn’t distracting to the main plot. My favourite bit about the book is the side characters like Clarke who is very enjoyable to read and I think she’s just the right amount of cynical and sarcastic and I’m disappointed she’s not in the story more. I really like the twists at the end and I am interested to see what happens next.

I definitely recommend it for teenage girls and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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