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The Art of Description

Using The Five Senses – Bringing Your Fiction to Life
Posted by Vanessa Gebbie in , .

Let’s look at the opening paragraph of one of my favourite novels – Indian writer Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things, winner of the Booker in 1997. ‘May in Ayemenem...

Place and Setting with Monica McInerney
Posted by Monica McInerney in , .

Sometimes being a novelist is like having a film crew living in your head. There’s a casting agent picking characters, a wardrobe mistress dressing them, a scriptwriter developing plots and...

The Essential Elements of Description
Posted by Tracy Culleton in , .

These are the most important elements to remember when it comes to description: The reader needs description to paint the picture of a location or scene in their head, but...

Noelle Harrison on Literary Passion
Posted by Noelle Harrison in , .

Writing about sex is something most writers find challenging. Yet it cannot be avoided. Sex is a part of our daily lives, and so if a novel is to reflect...

Landscape as Metaphor with Noelle Harrison
Posted by Noelle Harrison in , .

It was a particular landscape, which led me to write my first novel. Over thirteen years ago I moved to a small village near Kells in County Meath. Having lived...