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Self-publishing has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years, with more and more authors choosing to take control of the publishing process themselves. Often this is because of the will to retain a higher percentage of royalties – considering you wrote the title, after all – whereas sometimes it’s due to rejections by those same publishers. There’s a myriad of reasons why there is now an abundance of writers whose work does not fit into traditional models.

Either way, the rise of digital technology and the ease of ebook platforms means it has never been easier for aspiring writers to get their work out into the world. But how do you make your work stand out amongst the millions of other books? How do you ensure your title does not fade into the background of Amazon’s algorithms, or is passed over by readers, destined never to sell any copies?

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

Invest in a professional, accredited editor.

You know your book well. Better than anyone else. That’s why you need a second set of eyes on it. Not just to catch typos and grammar errors, but also to ensure it flows and reads well, that events and people are described consistently, and that a reader’s brain isn’t going to be lost by not having the insight into you story that you do.

There are literally thousands of editors to choose from, but choose wisely. If your editor’s only experience is in editing other self-published books, and they have not accredited their experience into a qualification, have they proved they can edit your work? Similarly, if they haven’t worked on best-sellers, for example, how do you know that they are capable of catching the problems that stop a book from being a best-seller?

Hire a cover designer who knows what they are doing

Just like editing, the world of book cover design is packed with designers who can design beautiful covers, but not necessarily with any experience of what readers in the genre want in the long-term, or in what stands out from other titles. As a result you can end up with a beautiful piece of art that never catches the eye – simply because the designer matched other designs in the genre – or one that fits poorly in the genre.

Good cover design strikes a balance between these two factors like a tightrope walker on a highwire.

Ensure your book is typeset professionally

There’s that word again: professionally. Why would you need your book to be typeset professionally when it’s not published professionally?

The typeset is the entire format of your book. It’s what readers look at and notice, and errors in the typeset stick out like a sore thumb. Getting the layout of your physical and ebooks right is as important as getting the words in the story right.

Don’t neglect promotion

Even authors at the biggest publishing houses now need to market themselves, so no matter how introverted you might be, you need to push your stories or ideas out there. Social media, websites, promo article submissions…it all helps. Plus it not only gives you a presence online – something that can be seen by potential new readers – it also gives current readers somewhere to ‘follow’ what you’re up to, hear about new books, etc.

If you can afford to, seek out a professional publicist who can help you work out a publicity plan for your title, at least for the release. There’s no need to pay for their time in actually doing the legwork – unless you are cash-rich and time-poor – but if they point you in the right direction, give you the right contacts, etc, then you’re giving your titles the best chance of success.

Don’t forget the little things

Buy your own ISBNs, so you can register and add metadata to your titles that suits your needs. Choose the right forms of distribution, to maximise selling in the half of the market that isn’t Amazon dominated. Don’t sign up to distribution methods that needlessly steal large chunks of your royalties.

There’s lot of little things, and when they crop up, don’t ignore them because “you’ve done the rest”. You can stand out in a field of millions, but every step you miss out increases the chances of failure.

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If you want peace of mind that your book is given the best chance, but you don’t know where to start, The Invisible Imprint is where to turn. We are a self-publishing company who take care of the entire publishing process – from editing and design all the way through to publicity and distribution. We do so by utilising the professionals in the wider OPG publishing house, where the expertise in our team spans best-sellers of our own, through to some of the most widely read titles in the world from other publishers. And because we’re using our own team to provide everything, we can keep the prices more affordable than if you organised the same level of services individually yourself.

We are currently accepting new titles, and can be contacted on info@theinvisibleimprint.com

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