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Blurb Launches New Tools & Amazon Distribution

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A landmark suite of tools and services to help the UK’s growing number of self-published authors produce and sell their books was unveiled by self-publishing platform Blurb, including distribution on Amazon.com, the world’s largest online retailer.

The Amazon.com distribution addition offers a powerful sales channel for self-published work created through Blurb and is another step towards levelling the playing field between self- and traditionally published authors of illustrated books, such as cook books or children’s books. Blurb will handle the set up and order fulfillment and for a limited time, will provide this new service for free.

In addition to Amazon.com distribution, Blurb also announced the introduction of Blurb BookWright, a brand new, free, precision design software for self-publishers of designed books and free ISBN numbers.

The introduction of BookWright allows anyone to make ‘book shop quality’ books and e-books, regardless of skill level. It is also first self-publishing design software to allow the creation of both print and ebooks in the same application, at the same time.

ISBN numbers are crucial to identifying unique publications for sale via official book distribution channels and typically authors are charged a fee for their use.

Eileen Gittins, founder and CEO of Blurb, said: “Today’s additions remove yet more barriers to self-publishing a professional book. Our customers have long wanted to distribute through Amazon. By giving Blurb authors the ability to sell through Amazon.com, they can reach a much bigger reader base. And, by offering more distribution and selling options, even more people will see the value, excitement, and possibilities self-publishing offers.”

She added: “Traditionally, publishing hasn’t been very democratic at all. Many very, very fine books have never seen the light of day, because they were deemed too niche and not economically viable by publishing houses. By simplifying both the creation and distribution of self-published designed books, even more people will be able to set their creativity free.”

Gittins continued: “I’ve wanted to make an announcement this simple and clear for years: Make your book once and publish it anywhere, for print or for ebook. Today is that day, and Blurb has become the indie author’s best friend. We’re fulfilling our promise to bring publishing to everyone.”

Blurb is a company and a community that believes passionately in the power of books – in both print and ebook form. Blurb’s indie publishing platform is simple yet flexible enough for every body — every blogger, cook, designer, photographer, entrepreneur, or poet. Founded by Eileen Gittins in 2005 and funded by Canaan Partners and Anthem Venture Partners, the Blurb platform enables everyone to independently publish, share, market and distribute their work. Blurb’s portfolio of free software tools include Blurb’s BookWright, BookSmart and Bookify in addition to a plugin for Adobe InDesign plus full integration into Adobe Lightroom. With over 1 million book creators and more than 2.8 million unique titles published to date, Blurb is re-imagining not only who gets to be an author but also what books can and should be in the 21st century.

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