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Creating Content for the Web: A Guide to Professional Writing

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Eve Pearce

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Whether you are a fledgling novelist wanting to exercise your literary muscles in between writing your chapters, or a non fiction writer eager to break into the content writing market, professional writing offers you the opportunity of finding your own voice and being paid for your work.

What Makes Good Content Writing

Content writing is always in demand on the Web, as companies search for quality articles that are going to boost their rankings on Google’s search engine. SEO (search engine optimization) is something that websites strive for and works through keywords and fresh, original content online. Google rewards exciting words so if you have a gift for waxing lyrical, the chances are that someone, somewhere will value what you have to write and you could establish yourself as a content writer. Using tools like word changer will help you hone your skills, cut out the overwriting and paraphrase succinctly.

The secret to quality professional writing is to think about what the readers want to read, as well as how this will generate online traffic to the website and boost its rankings, thus promoting the business in question. Article writing has evolved for online content in quite a dramatic way to meet the demands of the digital world we live in today. Headlines, which can also be keyword driven, need to be topical and attention grabbing, to make the reader click onto the page. This is similar to traditional magazine headlines, but on the Web, the reader is one click away from leaving the website and searching for something more interesting. Writing has to be sharper than ever and it also has to appeal to the individual. You should address them and make a connection with them, so that they will believe your content and trust your voice.

Keeping your words fresh is of course vital to your success as a content writer, as is your ability to be economical with words. Say what you want to say in a direct way that will appeal to readers and customers. This gives your words the impact they need in today’s competitive marketplace and your content will gather attention. If you write with a sense of authority, Google will see you as such and the websites you create content for will benefit from your skills. If readers read good content on a site, they will link to it and Google values quality content as this is central to the search engine’s mission. Quality content results in happy online visitors.

SEO Matters

Google ranks websites according to the strength of their SEO, as well as other organic factors; the fact is that SEO matters in today’s content writing market.

Keywords can optimise the rankings of websites if used in a relevant way, but ‘stuffing’ keywords into content is frowned upon and should be avoided when you are writing your articles. Blogs are another way of making the most of SEO for a company operating online and there are often opportunities for writers to contribute regularly to blogs. Companies recognise the need to update these, but often don’t have time. Blogs are an important part of SEO and can offer advice and give useful tips about a whole range of issues and products. A regularly updated blog, written well by a voice of authority, is viewed favourably by the search engine.

Opportunities for Content

There are ample opportunities for content writers on the Web, from professional services that have a bank of writers working for them as well as for other companies, to niche markets that are looking for fresh content for their websites and digital magazines. There are a wealth of guides online and companies who may be looking for content writers, and by researching these you should be able to find the right target for your article idea. Professional writing services will ask for samples of your writing or may request that you write a test article for them. Niche markets are often seeking good content, especially if you are an authority on a particular topic, for example writers interested in wildlife related content will find that relevant magazines may very well want to publish their stories, which could range from features to good locations for spotting wildlife in Ireland.

Professional writers today work for online companies and flexibility is the key to success, as well as understanding what makes content good. By making content writing connect with the reader on a personal level, understanding how to be economical with your words and writing with keywords in mind for SEO are some of the tips that will help you begin to create quality content that people will want to read.

About the author

Eve Pearce is a writer and amateur hakuist from Enniscothy. Aged 18 she took the ferrry from Rosslare and went to university in Carmarthen. Now she works as a freelance writer while looking after her daughters from home.

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