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Rory Clements: The Seconds Before Sleep
Posted by Rory Clements in > Crime > Historical Fiction > Interviews

I work late at night. Very late – often until 4am and, in summer, I’m still awake when the sun comes up. It suits me well because it’s quiet then,...

Little Girl Lost: Carol Wyer
Posted by in > Crime

A writer needs tenacity, patience and a huge dollop of luck. I consider myself one of the fortunate ones. My own journey began in 2009 when I decided to write...

Simon Kernick on Writing a Series (16 Books Later!)
Posted by in > Crime

I think as writers we thrive on challenges. It’s the ambition of most of us to write something big and memorable that stretches us to the literary limit. However, what...

Make Yourself a Writing Deadline in 2017 by Catherine Ryan Howard
Posted by in > Crime

I don’t know in how many Januarys I opened a brand new notebook, smoothed down the first page and wrote ‘Goal #1: Get published’ at the top of it. It...

Gayle Curtis on Too Close
Posted by in > Crime

The relationships between siblings, especially complex ones, have always fascinated me. I am particularly interested in the way people can have such conflicting views of the same event when they...

Mary Torjussen on ‘Gone Without A Trace’
Posted by Mary Torjussen in > Crime

The inspiration for Gone Without a Trace came from an online forum when a woman said she’d returned home to find her boyfriend had moved out while she was at...

Why The Past is The Toughest Assignment of Them All…Anthony J Quinn
Posted by in > Crime

Don’t you know, you can’t go home again,” as Thomas Wolfe was famously warned, but I have done so, for my writerly sins, returning at the age of thirty-five with...

Casey Kelleher on The Taken
Posted by Casey Kelleher in > Crime

Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved books. The very first story I ever fell in love with was the Little Match Girl – by Hans Christian Andersen. I...

Write for Your Life: White Noise by Holly Seddon
Posted by Holly Seddon in > Crime

As I approached the finish line with writing book two, several people close to me personally and professionally said, quite honestly and kindly, “I’m a bit worried about you”. I...

When Life is Creepier than Fiction by Kate Horsley
Posted by Kate Horsley in > Crime

  What drives me to write is the same thing that makes me love reading: an obsessive curiosity about people. I’m always wondering why they say what they say and...