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New Book! The Kimberly Killing (The Old Bat Chronicles #1)

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The Old Bat Chronicles

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne

Over the last two years I have published two modern whodunnits under my own name but I have toyed with the idea of a classic, cozy mystery for a long time. This has now come to fruition under the pen name Nina Hayes.

The Kimberly Killing is book one in a series, The Old Bat Chronicles. It’s a fun, feelgood escapist read, packed with charming characters, humour and a dollop of authentic Irish folk magic.

Let’s face it, life is grim at the moment. We could all do with a little gentle fun and optimism in our lives, and there’s nothing quite like a feelgood murder to make one feel warm and cozy inside. The baddies get their comeuppance and the good are rewarded with a happy ever after – or at least, a happy til the next murder. The Kimberly Killing features mature women, who are neither bewildered by or afraid of technology; close knit circles of friends; a dastardly villain; a mystery spanning over 100 years and lots of tradition.

Out September 9th, and available in all the usual places – Amazon, Kindle, Bookshops, and libraries.
ISBN 978-1739649609

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