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The Deadly Cost of Seeking the Truth: A Cold Flame by Aidan Conway
Posted by Aidan Conway in > Crime > Interviews

19 July, 2018 was the 26th anniversary of the murder of the anti-mafia magistrate Paolo Borsellino at the hands of Cosa Nostra. As I watched the usual TV documentaries, listening...

Killing It – Literally, by Asia Mackay
Posted by Asia Mackay in > Crime

Usually when leaving my kids’ bedroom at 3am, all that’s going through my mind are a series of expletives interspersed with ‘Sleep, SLEEP. I need more sleep’. Yet one night,...

Too Close to Breathe by Olivia Kiernan
Posted by Olivia Kiernan in > Crime > Interviews

In October a couple of years ago, I met a writer friend in a café. I had finished a writing project a few months previous and was itching to start...

Finding the Inspiration for On Bone Bridge by Maria Hoey
Posted by Maria Hoey in > Crime > Interviews

Around about eighteen months ago, I found myself seized by something close to panic.  I had just finished final edits on my debut novel, The Last Lost Girl and I...

No Writer Left Behind: Interview with Carmen Marcus, author of How Saints Die
Posted by E.R. Murray in > Crime > Interviews

I first came across Carmen Marcus while googling working class writers. It’s an issue close to my heart and other than Kit de Waal, Sheena Wilkinson and Dave Lordan, there...

The Development of The Dead Ex by Jane Corry
Posted by Jane Corry in > Crime > Interviews

Three years ago, epilepsy struck our family out of the blue. I won’t go into details but I will say that it happened to someone I love very dearly. I...

Inspiration on the path to publication: This I Would Kill For by Anne Buist
Posted by Anne Buist in > Crime > Interviews

This I Would Kill For…”This” doesn’t exist, because you’d never kill anyone, right? Or would you? When I ask this question at talks, there is a general murmur before a...

Book Two: the Terror Returns – First to Die by Alex Caan
Posted by Alex Caan in > Crime > Interviews

OK I know this is a FIRST WORLD PROBLEM completely. Still, the pain of writing my second novel has been immense. I remember attending Harrogate in the summer of 2016, my...

Just Keep Writing: No Turning Back by Sam Blake
Posted by Sam Blake in > Crime > Interviews

“Writing your first book you have the luxury of time” is something that crime author Catherine Ryan Howard is always saying, and it’s not until you’re under contract that you...

The Lies We Told by Camilla Way
Posted by Camilla Way in > Crime > Interviews

The idea for The Lies We Told came to me after having a conversation with some fellow mothers about whether certain behavior in kids is innate or learned. We all...