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Historical Fiction

Five Years A Dreamer by Hazel Gaynor
Posted by Hazel Gaynor in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

2009 feels like an awfully long time ago. Five years, to be precise. But that’s where it all started. My year went something like this: redundancy, tears, Inkwell writing course,...

The Undertaking: Eleanor Fitzsimons Talks to Audrey Magee
Posted by Eleanor Fitzsimons in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

It is hardly surprising that 2014, the year during which we will observe the centenary of the outbreak of World War I, is shaping up to be the  year of...

Brendan John Sweeney: Once In Another World
Posted by Brendan John Sweeney in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

I have a weakness for trivia about famous writers, and especially about how they actually did the business, in other words how they physically went about transferring their ideas to...

Ben Kane on Hannibal: Fields of Blood
Posted by Ben Kane in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

Although I was born in Kenya, my parents were both Irish. We returned to Ireland when I was seven years old, and my father found a job in County Louth,...

Parnell – A Novel and the Narrative Device: Brian Cregan
Posted by Brian Cregan in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

This month Brian Cregan’s Parnell A Novel was launched by The History Press Ireland. Described by RTE’s Myles Dungan as ‘a monumental task tackled with style and aplomb’, Parnell A...

The Price of Experience: Stephanie O’Brien
Posted by Stephanie O'Brien in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

There aren’t many things that I would say come easily to me by way of natural skill, but writing by some minor miracle is one thing that always has. I...

Deny Me Not: Margaret Hawkins
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

An independent streak has helped Wexford based journalist and author, Margaret Hawkins, publish her new novel, Deny Me Not, independently.  Margaret had serious interest from a major Irish publisher last...

Land of Dreams: Kate Kerrigan
Posted by Hazel Gaynor in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

Kate Kerrigan is the bestselling author of five novels. Recipes for a Perfect Marriage was shortlisted for Romantic Novel of the Year in 2008 and has been translated into twenty languages,...

John Boyne, The Absolutist
Posted by Hazel Gaynor in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

As the award winning author of seven novels, published in 40 languages, one of which, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas has sold one million copies, it is hard to believe that John...

The Memory of Scent, Lisa Burkitt
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

This week sees writer Lisa Burkitt achieve a rare publishing double when her short story ‘A Pinch of Tarragon’appears in the ‘Best Paris Stories’  anthology of winning international short stories and...