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Historical Fiction

Derry O’Dowd’s The Scarlet Ribbon
Posted by Hazel Gaynor in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

The Scarlet Ribbon the debut novel from Derry O’Dowd is the fiction line launch novel for The History Press Ireland. In an unusual collaboration between father and daughter, Michael and Katy O’Dowd (writing...

Orna Ross: Traditional to Self Publishing
Posted by Marése O'Suillivan in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

Orna Ross is a bestselling Irish author, now based in London, with novels, poems and nonfiction to her name. Ross has enjoyed both independent self-publishing and publication by Attic Press and Penguin....

Joe Murphy – 1798, Tomorrow the Barrow We’ll Cross
Posted by Barbara Scully in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

1798 – Tomorrow The Barrow We’ll Cross is a mighty read.  It’s what I’d call a big fat novel or to use that well worn cliché, an epic tale.  It...

Tales of Emigration: Great Writing, Great Places.
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

Emigration is an issue at the heart of every Irish family, not least now, as we face recession again and our sons and daughters head abroad seeking employment and opportunity....

Patricia O’Reilly: Delving into the Past
Posted by Sarah Downey in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

Patricia O’Reilly has carved out a successful career in both the fiction and non-fiction worlds.  From books on the craft of writing to novels exploring the lives of famous figures...