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Historical Fiction

Raider of a Lost Past by Kevin Smith
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My grandfather was a quiet, studious man, a retired headmaster who pottered in his garden and went to church on Sundays and, to my knowledge, never left Ireland. How then,...

Marita Conlon McKenna’s Rebel Sisters
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Marita Conlon McKenna is one of Ireland’s most successful and popular authors of women’s and children’s fiction. Her books are enjoyed by readers across the world. Marita’s first book, Under the Hawthorn...

Novel by Happenstance by Kate Beaufoy
Posted by Kate Beaufoy in > Historical Fiction

I wish I could say that there is some rational or methodical way that I go about researching my novels. I wish I could stand in front of a white...

‘For the Love of Martha’ by Maria Murphy
Posted by Maria Murphy in > Historical Fiction

My love of writing came from a love of reading. My mum got me to join the local library when I was young and the book I remember most is...

The Curtain Falls by Carole Gurnett
Posted by Carole Gurnett in > Historical Fiction

It began with a vague notion that I wanted to write a novel about an actor who led a double life. The nineteenth century was a time when people had...

Hazel Gaynor On Not Giving Up. Ever.
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There’s something delicious about the start of a new year. Blank pages in the diary. Blank pages on the screen. A fresh start. Enthusiasm and motivation in abundance. The joy...

Hazel Gaynor Talks Liberty Silk with Kate Beaufoy
Posted by Hazel Gaynor in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

There are many different ways for novelists to find inspiration for their books and their characters, but writing a novel based around a member of your family is a very...

Martina Devlin on How to Time Travel Without a Time Machine

Short of stepping into a time machine, how do writers think themselves into the mind of characters who lived hundreds of years ago? In my novel The House Where It...

Patricia O’Reilly on The Interview
Posted by Patricia O'Reilly in > Historical Fiction > Interviews

My decision to write the book that is The Interview evolved over the best part of a decade. Anything to do with Irish designer Eileen Gray intrigued me, and I’d...

Fallen: Lia Mills on Writing Historical Fiction
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The books I’ve written up to now have been responses to contemporaneous events: Another Alice was written during a litany of sexual violence cases that surfaced in Ireland in the...