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Billy’s Search for the Healing Well by Helen Burke

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By Mike Mannering

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In Ireland they have a strong history of story telling.
An Irish story teller is known as a Seanchaí (they are renowned for delivering from memory stories to keep their patrons speed bound).
Helen Burke in her first book has shown that she is not only a brilliant Seanchaí , but gone one stage further and can put the words of a story into a book, so that others can enjoy the story when the Seanchaí is not around.

Did I like this book yes.
I am 70+ years old and can still be entranced by a good tail of good and evil, magic and love, all of which flow out of the pages as you read.
This is great book for old and young alike, for the older bed time story reader, it has enough depth and humour to keep the story reader awake while hopefully getting the kids tucked down for sleep.
For the old child reader none of the words are too hard to manage on their own ( I should know I used to read the Times newspaper when I was 7), and the story line is paced to suit a boy or girl.
I look forward to reading and visualising Billy’s next adventure, which I hope Helen will be putting on paper soon.
The last time I read such an enchanting story was Weave World.

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