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My Sister’s Lies by S.D. Robertson

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By Swirl and Thread

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Just released with Avon Books, My Sister’s Lies is described as ‘an emotional story that delves into the true meaning of family, sisterhood and secrets’

Not every secret should be shared…

Hannah and Mark have a life many dream of. On a whim they can pack up their bags and head off to the airport or spend an evening in a top-class restaurant. But life hasn’t always been like that, as Hannah has been dealing with her own demons for a number of years.

Hannah had a major disagreement with her sister, Diane, some time back, following the death of their mother. The damage was irreparable, causing Hannah many years of anxiety and pain. With the help of counselling and Mark’s patience, Hannah came through it. Having always dreamed of being a writer, Hannah made changes in her life and now works from home, with her debut novel about to be published and her second book a work-in-progress. Mark’s job is both successful and secure, allowing her to fulfill her dreams and Hannah is happy.

But the day Diane, very unexpectedly, shows up on her doorstep, shakes Hannah to the core. Diane has her teenage daughter Mia with her and is looking for a favour, a very big favour.

Hannah’s world is upended as old memories come back to haunt her. She accepts Mia into her home, as she relishes the opportunity of reacquainting herself with her niece, but she fears for the Pandora’s box that is about to opened. Diane is very cagey about her reasons and Hannah doesn’t push too hard, but after a few days when there has been little communication from Diane, Hannah begins to get a little concerned.

Diane has had a chequered past. Growing up she struggled with life and relationships, always striving to be the popular one, the girl everyone loved. As the years passed, Mia arrived into her world and Diane’s life changed dramatically. After the death of her and Hannah’s mother, Diane was in a tough place and following the disagreement with Hannah, she never could find a way to right some wrongs. Now Diane’s story is about to change and she needs Hannah back in her life. Will Diane and Hannah past history prove to difficult to overcome? Can the sisters reunite or is the damage already done?

My Sister’s Lies tells the story of many different relationships. Hannah and Diane, sisters, have a history together, one that is revealed slowly as the pages unfold. They have quite a complex sibling dynamic, one that has seen many highs and lows over the years and now is facing it’s biggest challenge yet.

Hannah and Mark, husband and wife, have been together for a number of years. Meeting quite young and falling in love, their marriage has stumbled through many obstacles, yet strengthening over the years into a very stable union. Diane’s appearance exposes a few cracks but can their love see them through this testing period?

Hannah and Mia, aunt and niece, are starting all over again, with Mia having no memory of Hannah. Hannah struggles with things initially as she attempts to negotiate the teenage pitfalls and tantrums but she does not shy away from the awkwardness of the situation.

My Sister’s Lies is not a fast-paced suspense driven novel, but a gentle read, a family drama, focusing in on some major issues that unfortunately affect many families in today’s society. An emotional story of family dynamics, relationships, secrets and tragedy…..

(c) Swirl and Thread

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