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Run, Rose, Run, By Dolly Parton and James Patterson

By Grace O’Reilly

Part-written by Dolly Parton, the country Queen singing sensation, and James Patterson well-renowned and globally bestselling author Run Rose Run, was the latest chosen book for our Co-Operative Housing Ireland’s Book Club Page Turners.  We are the first Co-Op Housing Book Club in Ireland, and our meetings are held via Zoom.  Run Rose Run is published by Cornerstone, an imprint of CENTURY.  It is already a bestseller, selling huge numbers of copies in the English language.

The blurb at the back of the book reads:



She’s a star on the rise, singing about the hard life behind her. 

She’s also on the run.

Nashville is where she’s come, to claim her destiny.

It’s also where the darkness she’s fled might find her.


A story glittering with danger and desire.”

While this book is a novel work of fiction, some of the ideas and inspirations were drawn by Dolly’s true-life experiences of getting into the music industry.

  • I listened to the audio version of this book on my local library in Gorey’s mobile phone app, Borrow Box. The audio is very long at 10 hours and 17 minutes, and with a whopping 97 tracks, voiced by a cast of people, including the main woman Dolly Parton herself, Kelsea Ballerini, James Fouhey, Kevin T. Collins, Peter Ganim, Luis Moreno, Soneela Nankani, Ronald Peet, Robert Petkoff, Ella Turenne, and Emily Woo Zeller.  The voice acting was brilliant, and just like listening to a radio play.

This book has had, and is still having for that matter a lot of publicity.  Fans of Dolly Parton’s music will be over the moon to hear that there is an album with the same book title, of Run, Rose, Run, with songs that are featured in the book.  The album was released three days before the book.  The tracks on the album are as follows:

  1. Run
  2. Big Dreams and Faded Jeans
  3. Demons (featuring Ben Haggard)
  4. Driven
  5. Snakes in the Grass
  6. Blue Bonnet Breeze
  7. Woman Up (And Take It Like a Man)
  8. Firecracker
  9. Secrets
  10. Lost and Found (featuring Joe Nichols)
  11. Dark Night, Bright Future
  12. Love or Lust (featuring Richard Denniston)
Fans of both the book and the album will also be happy to hear that there will be a film adaption made by Reece Witherspoon’s production company.

This book was enjoyable and I would recommend it to fans of thriller, and music.  Having read some of Patterson’s works previously, this book was quite different from his other works.

Run, Rose, Run, By Dolly Parton and James Patterson(c) Grace O’Reilly

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