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The House of Dust and Dreams by Brenda Reid

Article by Aileen Smyth, Dubray Books Rathmines ©.
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Newly-wed Evadne finds life in Athens with Hugh, her diplomat husband, to be both stifling and unsatisfying.  Dispatched briefly to Crete on the cusp of World War Two, they stay in a ramshackle old house belonging to Hugh’s family. When her husband returns to Athens, Evadne remains behind and is given the name Heavenly by the people of the village. She befriends the mysterious Anthi and dreams of renovating the old house but the arrival of Christos, a young builder, changes everything – this is not a good time to fall in love.  As the clouds of war gather over Crete, Heavenly and the villagers struggle to keep their lives on track.  When the Germans invade, the locals go underground and fight with tenacity and bravery. This historical novel of a courageous people fighting to regain their island is a real page-turner.