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The McKinnon’s Secret by Amanda Rodrigues

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The McKinnon's Secret by Amanda Rodrigues

By Grace O’Reilly

What a great debut book from author Amanda Rodrigues.  Published only weeks ago, The McKinnon’s Secret is a book that you don’t want to miss.  The story is awesome and takes readers on an eventful adventure.

Lucy lives in New York with her boyfriend Jack, when he has to go back to his childhood home after his mother has passed away.  The cops think there was a burglary gone wrong, yet nothing was taken.  Is there more than meets the eye?  Things get worse when Lucy can’t get in touch with Jack and has to drive to Jack’s family home, which is all the way in Delborn, Michigan, to make sure he is ok.

When she gets there, things are even worse and more complicated than Lucy could ever have imagined.  One secret is unveiled only to find out more secrets are being kept, with many questions popping up, left, right and centre.

If you enjoy reading family mysteries and trying to guess what will happen next, well then this is definitely a book for you.  In fact, this book can be categorised in several genres, family fiction, romance, mysteries, suspense reads, thriller and so on.

The blurb at the back of the book reads:

Secrets… we all have them…

Jack McKinnon has been keeping his personal life a secret from his brothers for the last nine years. A life he couldn’t tell them about even if he wanted to after he awakes from a coma with amnesia.
A life that will come knocking on their front door in the form of Luciana Bellucci. The girlfriend he left behind, harboring a secret of her own. But she’s not the only one keeping Jack in the dark.
His brothers can’t bring themselves to tell him the real reason behind their mother’s death, for Anne-Marie McKinnon had secrets she kept from everyone… and, as those she kept. to protect her family, begin to unravel they might just lead to the McKinnon’s undoing…”

I love Rodrigues’ writing style, as it flows authentically, and the characters within the story are so cognizant; it feels as though you are watching the story rather than just merely reading it.  Through her literature, Amanda brings you mentally into the book.  From this perspective the book has the potential of becoming a movie hit.  Although, perhaps from a screen writer’s aspect, I would recommend staying in one point of view; however if a screenwriter and producer could make multiple characters’ points of view on camera to work, then that would be epic.  I absolutely adore reading books where there are several people’s minds that you can get absorbed in, and a round of applause for Rodrigues for that, as well as everything else.

The McKinnon's Secret by Amanda RodriguesIs this the last that we see from Amanda Rodrigues?  I hope not!  With all the plot twists and turns, reading her book was like savouring a chocolate without a key card – one that you never wanted to finish.  Every time something new was thrown into the mix, you were pleasantly enthralled.

(c) Grace O’Reilly

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