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The Sight of You by Holly Miller

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By Swirl and Thread

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‘Would you choose LOVE…
If you knew how it would END?’

The Sight of You by Holly Miller is published with Hodder & Stoughton. Described as ‘an unforgettable and life-affirming story that will make your heart soar on one page and break on the next’, I can tell you that it IS a story that will make you reach for the hankies and hide away for a bit, as you cope with the ache in your heart after turning the final page.

The Sight of You is the story of Joel and Callie, two lonely people who have lost their path and are seeking direction, looking for something that will put that spark back in their lives.

Joel lives in fear of every day. Since his childhood he dreams of those he loves but for Joel, these dreams come true. After years of torment and grief, Joel now lives a chosen solitary existence.

Callie is living in limbo since the death of Grace, one of her closest friends. Callie once had big ambitions, big dreams to see the world. Her love of nature and her qualifications could provide Callie with a much different life, one that could give her all she wants, but Callie is afraid. She remembers the person she used to be but no longer knows how to be her.

Callie works in the cafe that belonged to Grace, a cafe that was Grace’s dream. After Grace’s tragic passing, Callie, in a move ‘distorted by grief’ left her own job and took over the cafe to help out Ben, Grace’s husband. Now Callie feels trapped in this promise and fears upsetting Ben should she move on. But this was never Callie’s dream. Callie loves the fresh air, working outdoors. Her endless knowledge about all things ecological is what excites her. The wind in her hair, sweat on her brow from planting, pruning, cutting back, the dirt under her fingers – this is Callie.

Joel has walked away from his career as a vet due to an unfortunate event that will not let him move on. Living in a downstairs flat, Joel walks dogs for his elderly neighbours, keeping contact with family and friends to a minimum. His dreams continue to plague him in a restless sleep. Over the years he has tried many methods to enhance his sleeping patterns but nothing can help him elude these dreams of his loved ones that haunt him. Joel makes a choice never to fall in love, never to get close to someone. He has very casual, meaningless relationships, ones where he knows love will not be an issue. But Joel is very sad, a mere shadow of his former self. He feels helpless for his future, disturbed by what may await him there.

One day Joel drops into a cafe. One day Joel sees Callie and Callie sees Joel. What begins as a very tentative friendship soon develops into something more. The vivid portrayal of this burgeoning relationship is beautifully conveyed. Two people who are afraid of being brave and taking risks but for very different reasons, it’s a heart-aching portrayal of pain, fear and anguish. Just when Joel realises that he is falling in love with Callie, this incredible person who has reignited his life against all his better judgement, he has a dream, a vision of what is to come…..

The Sight of You will play havoc with your emotions. As Joel wrestles with life-changing decisions, Callie is rediscovering herself. Together they have something beautiful, something so very special but can it ever be?

Told from the differing perspectives of Joel and Callie over a number of years, it’s a very moving experience for the reader. Their love, their fear, their pain is palpable as they negotiate their lives and their relationship.

The Sight of You is a love story, one that will creep into your heart and mind and lodge there for quite some time. What would would you do if you knew what was going to happen to your loved one? How would you deal with it? What would you choose? Would you choose love?

The Sight of You is a very profound, philosophical, and simply beautiful emotional read. It is a book that will affect you in many different ways. It is a unique story, a very poignant tale.

(P.S. I have read that a Hollywood deal has been done folks so I’m crossing the fingers and stocking up on Kleenex!)

(c) Swirl and Thread

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