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The Things I Know by Amanda Prowse

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The Things I Know is the latest novel from bestselling author Amanda Prowse. Described as ‘a beautifully told heart-warming tale about the meaning of family, love, courage and the celebration of difference’ it is published with Lake Union. Before I begin my review I just want to share with you all Amanda Prowse’s dedication…

‘The Things I Know is dedicated to all the people like me, who throughout their life have always felt that they didn’t quite fit. For all those who believe that happy ever after is something that happens to other people. To all of you, I would say ‘It only takes one person to show you the magic and when it happens, you’ll know it was worth the wait.’

A very hopeful message…

Thomasina Waycott loves many aspects of her life. Kept busy on her parent’s farm, Thomasina enjoys working closely with the animals, cooking for her family and keeping the place in order. Occasionally guests stay over on the farm, as it is also advertised as a B& B. Thomasina loves meeting these people and is always very interested in their lives, in particular the places they come from. Thomasina has seen very little beyond her local village, tucked away in the remote countryside. Born with a number of disabilities, her life has been tough, growing up listening to the painful taunts and jibes of some of the local teens. Her mother lovingly would describe Thomasina’s arrival into the world twenty-five years ago as a wondrous day, but also a heartbreaking one..

‘Oh my word! She was no more than an itty-bitty scrap of a thing, no bigger than a little pup, and with so many problems the doctor told me to get her christened quick as! And so we did….. “A little bit of her mouth missing, a weak heart, guts that don’t quite work proper, a twist to her toes and a couple of bent-up fingers. We’ll be lucky if we have her here for Christmas!”‘

With the loving care of her parents, Thomasina survived through all the physical and emotional pain of those early years. But this protective bubble, which had, over the many years, made her feel safe, was now causing her distress. Thomasina wants more. Sheltered from birth from the world beyond, Thomasina wants new experiences, to be affected by new sensations, to see new places but also she just wants to be loved for who she is….this is a thing she knows.

Over the years with her brother, Jonathan, there to defend her, she was able to bottle up the nasty remarks and live her life the best she could. But with her parents now getting older, life on the farm is proving very difficult for all. It’s been a tough few years and money is very tight. The day Jonathan makes a sudden shocking announcement has a huge impact on Thomasina as she instantly recognises that all her future hopes and dreams are in jeopardy.

Thomasina grew up with the nickname ‘Hitch’ due to ‘the thick puckered line that ran from the top of her lip to the bottom of her nose, a rather jagged cut where her lip had been stitched by an amateur or impatient surgeon’. Though cruel, it was a name she became immune to over the years, as everyone in the community adopted it as her pet-name.

When Grayson Potts arrives as a guest he sees beyond Thomasina’s physical appearance, as though the considered imperfections that she has lived with all her life are non-existent. Grayson has his own peculiarities. He is very quiet, almost distant at times. He has his own very unique quirks and foibles but Thomasina sees something special in him and begins to experience strange feelings for him, with a connection unlike anything that she has experienced in her past.

Amanda Prowse writes about relationships and people which, over the years, has earned her the title of ‘The Queen of Contemporary Family Drama’ Any novel I have read by Amanda Prowse carries a very strong message, a theme that makes the reader think beyond their own lives. The Things I Know is very much about the ‘celebration of difference’.

Thomasina Waycott and Grayson Potts develop a very special bond over a short period of time. They each see something similar in the other, which draws them closer each day, but life can be cruel and circumstances can intervene. Amanda Prowse captures the fragility of their relationship beautifully, as each attempts to overcome many daily obstacles in their lives.

The Things I Know is yet another charming read from Amanda Prowse. It is a story with gorgeous characters that capture the heart as it celebrates the joy of being different, being a unique person with unique thoughts and dreams.

I Know this will be another bestseller for this author who captivates the hearts of her readers.

I Know that I look forward to the next book from this very special writer….

(c) Swirl and Thread

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