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You May Now Kill the Bride

By Aideen Glynn

You May Now Kill the Bride by Kate Weston

Deep, intellectual, crime noir this certainly is not. But if it’s a riotously fun read that you’re in search of, then look no further than Kate Weston’s debut novel for adults You May Now Kill the Bride. One death at a hen night may be construed as a careless event. Two deaths a coincidence but when the body count keeps rising then questions must be asked. These group of hens are old friends with plenty of shared history and plenty of secrets to hide. But buried beneath the macrame kits and the penis accessories lies the biggest secret of all. One of them is a killer but which one and who is the next part of the group with a target on their back?

This story begins innocently enough setting the scene for a calm and whimsical hen party but plans soon go awry when a body is found. The story moves quickly on to the next gathering and the next murder but by the time the third character is killed off, the story moves from more serious to fun and the whole thing becomes a fast-paced entertaining series of events.

Although there are many characters in this story, each one has their own voice and all of them are well developed. A relationship between women that began in childhood can often be frayed with nostalgia and expectation but Kate Weston handles this expertly and we soon understand that there is a secret that ties these women together despite their lives moving in different directions.

I found the story intriguing and I wanted to keep turning the pages to see what happened. Who was Eva and why was she infiltrating their little gang? What was going on behind the wealthy façade of Saskia’s seemingly perfect life and was Tansy really as wholesome as she seemed? There are so many strands to this tale of events and yet at the heart of it all is the relationship between them all and what is really binding them together.

The silliness and hilarity of the hen night scenarios brings much light relief to the story. The penis straws, the hidden vodka and the endless Prosecco are scenes we can all relate to and the more the alcohol flows the more the true personalities are exposed. Why is one of the hens so determined to have the ultimate hen weekend despite bodies dropping all around her? It is this sense of the ridiculous that makes this story so much fun to read. Could one of these hens be responsible for the crazy antics and dead bodies or is it all from an outside influence? That’s what you have to keep reading to find out.

You May Now Kill the BrideI really enjoyed this book, it’s a great debut adult book from Kate Weston who has previously published YA fiction and has experience in stand-up comedy. Her wry sense of humour is obvious throughout this novel and there are some truly laugh out loud moments. I would highly recommend this for a light summer read. A great combination of a whodunnit and comedy that kept me entertained from start to finish. I look forward to more from this author in this genre and I hope she keeps them coming.

(c) Aideen Glynn

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