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Ita Roche

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The cat ate the goldfish, head first; even the bones and feathers didn’t bother her…

Are you frowning? If not you should be…

Read the opening sentence again. Does it make sense to you yet? If not, read it over and over and over until you can make some sense of it.

I came across the above line recently and after endless reads I decided it was a misprint. I tried to continue but found that the next paragraph didn’t make sense because of the nonsense with the cat and the goldfish. The whole thing had become total gibberish. Twenty minutes later the book hit the wall and I was none the wiser.

Being the typical stubborn Capricorn I couldn’t give in. I picked it up and read to the end of the chapter, but it just didn’t add up. I read and read but couldn’t actually remember anything. I highlighted it in yellow and tagged the page. I left it down and tried the next day; it still made no sense.

Right, let’s start again.

The cat ate the goldfinch. Head first; even the bones and feathers didn’t bother her…

What a difference a word makes eh! It was a goldfinch – a bird, a tweet-tweet, not a goldfish! Now the later paragraph about the birds flying and the spirit of the goldfinch made some sense.

You may laugh, or dismiss it, but think of how frustrating it is when you can’t see what is written in front of you right. Can you imagine how difficult and slow reading or writing is? And as for editing – how do you edit it right when you can’t see it right?

Then there’s Facebook – I was sick last week thinking someone was going to report a quote I posted. Two days later my daughter buckled laughing as she told me that the woman was going to ‘repost it’ not ‘report it.’

Why am I telling you all this? Simple. If I can write – anyone can.

Writing is my passion in life – it’s my oxygen and I refuse to let anything stop me. I firmly believe that its attitude not aptitude that determines the altitude in life and my attitude is, ‘yes I can.’

To add to the fun with dyslexia I suffer burning pain radiating down both my legs from spinal injuries thus sitting is horrendous. Refusing to give in, I bought a raiser for my laptop and I write 90% of the time lying on the floor with the laptop on my belly.

Can you imagine the raised eyebrows when I declare I earn my living on the flat of my back; the spinal injury explanation follows rapidly.

I have stood at the worktop or at the dressing table to write, send emails, facebook, twitter, or do a blog post. It’s amazing how you find the way when you want it bad enough.

My advice; follow your passion guys and don’t let anything stop you. If I can – you can.

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© Ita Roche 2011

Find out more about Ita and her publishing successes at ita-simplewords.blogspot.com

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