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A Ghost Story: The Dead House by Billy O’Callaghan
Posted by Billy O'Callaghan in > General Fiction > Interviews

At the beginning of May, O’Brien Press, under their Brandon imprint, published my new book (and, in fact, my first novel, after three collections of short stories), The Dead House....

Flann O’Brien meets Muddy Waters: Talkin’ Squirrel Blues by Pádraig Hanratty
Posted by Pádraig Hanratty in > General Fiction > Interviews

“I saw a squirrel walking into work today…” The Dublin launch of Talkin’ Squirrel Blues, my surreal comedy novel, took place in the Irish Writers Centre last week. Chris Stevens...

Flash Fiction to a Novel: The Longbourn Letters by Rose Servitova
Posted by Rose Servitova in > General Fiction > Interviews

Along with an epic comic poem called The Miracle of Guru Mikali, writing poems for hen parties and mother-of-the-groom speeches was how I first commenced writing for an audience. When I...

Discovering Horace Winter by Conor Bowman
Posted by Conor Bowman in > General Fiction > Interviews

Everybody’s approach to writing is different. I know one author who can only write in bed on a laptop. Someone else I came across writes on sheets of letter-writing paper...

My Irish Heritage by Kit de Waal
Posted by Kit de Waal in > General Fiction > Interviews

I was brought up in Birmingham amongst the Irish community and could early on tell the difference between the accents, between those from the north or Dublin or out West...

Into the Deep, Dark Woods with Sophie Nicholls
Posted by Sophie Nicholls in > General Fiction > Interviews

In the fairy tales I love the most, there is a point when the central character steps into the deep, dark woods. According to Jungian psychology, the woods occupy that...

Reclaiming Your Life by Claudia Carroll
Posted by Claudia Carroll in > General Fiction > Interviews

“That one would live in one of your ears and rent the other one out in flats.” Did you ever hear that phrase? Did you ever have someone in your...

#WritersWise for Great Writing Tips!

#WritersWise is THE place on twitter for discussing everything writing-wise. Founded by Dr Liam Farrell and Sharon Thompson, #WritersWise provides a forum for writers and aspiring writers to exchange ideas...

New Ways to Story: The Museum of Cathy by Anna Stothard
Posted by Anna Stothard in > Anthology > General Fiction

  Months before beginning to write The Museum of Cathy, I gutted my chaotic London flat. I drove bags of tat to the rubbish dump and Oxfam, but everything precious...

Herta Feely on Saving Phoebe Murrow
Posted by Herta Feely in > General Fiction

Once my first novel, The Trials of Serra Blue, had received two substantial fellowships—the James Jones First Novel Fellowship and an artist in literature fellowship from the DC Commission on...