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Alan Walsh: Writing ‘Sour’
Posted by Alan Walsh in > General Fiction

I hadn’t set out to write this book. I guess that’s the hilarious thing. Later on, when you’re deep into the thing and it consumes your every free minute imagining...

Meeting Patrick DeWitt: R.M. Clarke
Posted by in > General Fiction

In the clamour of a trendy Dublin coffee shop that is likely not too far a stylistic cry from his local in Portland, Oregon, I meet Patrick DeWitt. He is...

Persistence: Getting ‘Billy & The Devil’ Published by Dean Lilleyman
Posted by Dean Lilleyman in > General Fiction

Thirteen years ago, I went walkabout on a three-day bender. My memories are a little blurry, but, I remember coming to at home, in my bed, a man stood saying...

Eden Burning by Deirdre Quiery
Posted by in > General Fiction

When I was seven years old my mother took me to Ligoniel Library in Belfast and I got my first three library tickets. Every Friday after school I would be...

The Sounds of Silence by Doreen Finn
Posted by Doreen Finn in > General Fiction

Silence is many things.  We take it for granted, assume that it will always be the backdrop whenever we finish what it is we are doing.  Watching television, listening to...

Over Our Heads by Andrew Fox: The Cover Story
Posted by in > General Fiction

One summer evening, almost two years ago now, my father-in-law and I were stuck in holiday traffic on the Prospect Expressway. The Prospect is a blocked artery in the heart...

Tramp Press London Launch
Posted by Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin in > General Fiction > Interviews

 Sarah Davis-Goff and Lisa Coen launched Tramp Press in early 2014 as an independent publisher which aims to introduce readers to great new writing that other publishers might shy away from....

Michelle Jackson Meets Eoin Macken

In the realm of writers, several have proved to be creative in other artistic disciplines, including art, music and of course acting. Eoin Macken came to public attention at the...

John MacKenna Talks ‘Joseph’ With Susan Condon
Posted by in > General Fiction

Have you ever read a book which moved you so profoundly that you felt, because of it, your own writing would never be the same again? In the last year,...

Truly Memorable: Anyush by Martine Madden
Posted by Margaret Bonass-Madden in > General Fiction > Interviews

Now and again, you stumble across a book that touches you, and stays hovering in your thoughts, long after you’ve finished it.  While I could safely go through hundreds of...

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