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Resources for Writers

Here we aim to give you solid tips and advice to improve your writing from a wide range of Irish authors.

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, scripts or poetry we hope that you will find articles here to guide and inspire you. If you have queries on a topic we haven't covered here, drop us an email or post your question on our members blog where you will find help and support from other writers.

Messing About With Words: A Writer-in-Residence Writes by Declan Burke
Posted by Declan Burke in .

If I’m honest, I felt like a bit of a fraud when I was appointed a UNESCO/Dublin City Libraries writer-in-residence in October 2017, and not just because, as a writer, ...continue reading >>

How To Get An Edgar Nomination in 72 Easy Steps by Catherine Ryan Howard
Posted by Catherine Ryan Howard in , .

In May 2016, my biggest dream came true: my debut thriller, Distress Signals, was published. I had wanted to get a novel published since I was 8 years old and ...continue reading >>

10 Dependable Tips for Freelance Writers to Achieve Success by Danielle Ward
Posted by Danielle Ward in , .

Becoming a freelance writer sounds like the best job in the world. You get your writing assignment, write it, submit it and celebrate as the cash comes in… at least ...continue reading >>

Making an Audiobook with ACX by Gary Furlong
Posted by Gary Furlong in .

For the past few years, an important resource for independently creating audiobooks has been the Amazon-owned ACX.  To date over 80,000 audiobooks have been produced via ACX.  Previously only available ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: Granta Magazine
Posted by writing.ie in , .

Submissions Deadline: 21st February 2019 Granta magazine was founded in 1889 by students at Cambridge University as The Granta, a periodical of student politics, badinage and literary enterprise, named after ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: HCE Review
Posted by writing.ie in , .

Submissions deadline: 22nd March 2019 HCE Review are accepting submissions of poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction for their April edition. Terms and Conditions No names on submission please Any submissions ...continue reading >>

Character in a Screenplay: Bringing it all Together by Lindsay J Sedgwick
Posted by Lindsay J Sedgwick in , .

What you are looking for when you develop a character are experiences or memories that have shaped her. The process will often reveal traits that wouldn’t have been obvious to ...continue reading >>

Romantic Fiction: Harder Than it Sounds by Faye Hall
Posted by Faye Hall in , .

Romance stories have been around almost since humans first learned to write.  Some people love them.  Other’s consider them not to be ‘real writing’ at all.  As a romance author ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: The Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize
Posted by Writing.ie in , .

Submissions deadline: 1st March 2019 The Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize is an international book prize that supports and celebrates the best adventure writing today. First awarded in 2016, the ...continue reading >>

Collective Wisdom: Plotting by Niamh O’Connor
Posted by Niamh O'Connor in , .

Dorothea Brande in Becoming A Writer, which was first published in 1934, claimed that creative writing books and courses are mostly disappointing. The writer’s real problem is one of of ...continue reading >>