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Problems with Motor Cars by James Lawless
Posted by James Lawless in The Members' Blog.

My first motor car was an old Morris Minor. I got it in the seventies and I could drive anywhere in it with impunity: into town, on dates, to the ...continue reading

Book Launch
Posted by Mary Campbell in The Members' Blog.

So excited this week. Our shiny new books have arrived for the launch on Friday. Only 2 more sleeps and it’s operation Book Launch! There are thirteen of us (very ...continue reading

To Indie Publish or Not To Indie Publish
Posted by SCBWI Ireland in The Members' Blog.

By Denise Deegan I have been published traditionally. I have self-published. I have been published by Amazon imprint, Lake Union Publishing. There are pros and cons to every publishing route. ...continue reading

Her Rebel Self … available soon!
Posted by Paula Tully in The Members' Blog.

My second project has had a title change. I had been using the working title, This Dread Love. But, for no particular reason I can think of, a new title ...continue reading

BUT NOW IS NOT THE TIME by Vincent J McArdle
Posted by vincent mcardle in The Members' Blog.

I listen to the rain on the decking at night. It is cold outside and the drops are gentle and I suddenly feel the urge to sprinkle feed and weed ...continue reading

Poet in Waiting: Mary Campbell
Posted by Mary Campbell in The Members' Blog.

Exciting times … to be or not to be… a Poet. That will all depend on you, the reader I guess. Am in limbo waiting on the launch of a ...continue reading

Antoinette Tyrrell: My Writing Room
Posted by Antoinette Tyrrell in The Members' Blog.

Treating myself to a Writing Room was the best idea ever. Do you have a favourite place? Perhaps it’s a holiday destination that you return to again and again, or ...continue reading

Inspiration Everywhere by James Lawless
Posted by writingie in The Members' Blog.

American Doll tells how 9/11 opens a Pandora’s Box on an Irish/American family. When Laura Calane of New York comes to Ireland to further her studies and to live in ...continue reading

The Rose of Tralee by James Lawless
Posted by writingie in The Members' Blog.

When Laura was chosen as The New York Rose for the Rose of Tralee festival, she was twenty two. The choice was influenced no doubt by her Irish dancing ability ...continue reading

Wimbledon by James Lawless
Posted by writingie in The Members' Blog.

Wimbledon is upon us again and kids can be seen with tennis rackets playing in the streets. That’s how I started playing the game myself with a wooden racket and ...continue reading